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Free Gifts and Discounts

Here you can choose from a variety of free offers from Specials, New Customer discounts, Birthday gifts, Senior Citizen discounts, Community Project funds for emergency medical care for your bird, and discounts for those suffering financial hardships.

*NEW! - Subscription Auto-Renew Sign Up Bonuses!

This is how it works:

With every Auto-Renew (AR) order you will receive the following discounts as you qualify:

1) Sign up for our Auto-Renew & automatically receive 8% off your entire order!

2) Remain on Auto-Renew for 5+ years &  you will receive 8% off your entire order!

3) Remain on Auto-Renew for 10+ years & you will receive 10% off your entire order!

4) Remain on Auto-Renew for 15+ years & you will receive 15% off your entire order!

5) Remain on Auto-Renew for 20+ years & you will receive 20% off your entire order!

(*Offer subject to change) (*Customer must notify us when they reach a higher level of discount calculated by the first order placed on our website. Each auto-renew order is required to meet at least $30.00 or more per month with no longer than 90 days between AR orders.) Read more here.

New Customer Gift!

We do our best to remember each and every customer and new customers normally receive a "New Customer Gift!" Use discount code: NC25 for your first order to receive 25% off! (Good only one time per customer)

Free Gift! 
You will almost always receive some kind of free gift with each purchase you make!  

*See: "New Customer Discount | Birthday Gift | Other Discount Programs" for clarity regarding the perks and discounts we offer to our customers. 

REWARDS Program! Sign up to receive "Nest Egg" discount coupons. You earn points with every order you place! Use the "Rewards" sign-up button located at the bottom left of the screen.

(Birthday Gift) IF you are or become a frequent, regular, and consistent customer (at least 6 months of consistent consecutive orders of $35 or more) we will send you a free gift on or around your birthday! In other words, you must have purchased 6 consecutive orders with a sub-total of at least $35.00USD, or more for 6 months in a row. Or, at least $210.00 in purchases every 6 months or less. Your birth date is required for this perk. Please email your birth date to

Rush Shipping! $25.00 USD