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Homeopathy For You & Your Pet!

Homeopathy is based on the principle that "like treats like." It is a safe and gentle manner in which to treat ailments. Using homeopathy treats disease by minute doses of natural substances that in a healthy person would produce symptoms of the disease. We carry many singles and if you can't find the remedy you're looking for, inquire! We may be able to get it for you! 

The HP remedies on our site can be used on birds, humans and other living creatures. If you are not very familiar with how to use homeopathy on animals, please contact us. 

The Best Bird Food Recommendations

*We recommend, for acute issues** one bead under the tongue*** and allow to dissolve naturally for humans; one bead dropped in a bowl of 5 to 7 ounces of drinking water for parrots up to 525 grams, two beads for parrots up to 1025 grams and 3 beads for parrots weighing more than 1025 grams. Small dogs and cats up to 10 pounds we recommend one bead in 5-7 oz of drinking water. Dogs and cats up to 30 pounds two beads in 5-7 oz drinking water. Dogs and cats up to 55 pounds 3 beads in 5-7 ounces drinking water. Dogs up to 75 pounds 4 beads in drinking water. *These recommendations are suggested by us and not the manufacturer. Can be taken daily. **Chronic issues usually require use and dosing in a different manner. Please join our Facebook group linked below to learn more about dosing for parrots, dogs, and cats. ***Tinctures can be made using beads. This may be an easier way in which to administer. Tinctures require less per dose causing a bottle of beads to last longer. 

Homeopathy A-B $8.25 USD $8.99 USD
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