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Organic Bird Food | Main Daily Diet | BirD-elicious! Origins Wild Diet®

 BirD-elicious! Origins Wild Diet® – Daily Diets

Really RAW for Birds!®
Avian Whole Raw Food Nutrition™
The Original Un-Pellet Bird Food!®


Handmade:Our gourmet "handmade" grain-free formula is also gently dehydrated under 110 degrees. Our handmade formula contains more ingredients for more balanced nutrition. We suggest feeding 25% to no more than 45% fresh food with every meal with our handmade formulas.

Our economical, green-based, grain-free version of "cold-processed" under 110 degrees to maintain original digestive enzymes. Cold-extruded contains fewer ingredients than our handmade formula. We suggest feeding 45% to 55% fresh food with every meal with cold-extruded.


Help us E.X.P.A.N.D. Providence Exotic Bird Sanctuary.

We are on our way to our 501c3 certification and our national permanent-resident sanctuary network.

Click to give!
Raised to date: $1,564.00 of $250,000.00 goal!

A BIG "THANKS" to all of you helping us build our National Permanent-Resident Sanctuary Network!



African Grey! OWD 16 oz from $19.25 USD
Cockatiel OWD 16oz $24.35 USD
Cockatoo OWD 16oz from $23.50 USD
Eclectus OWD 16oz from $19.99 USD
Macaw OWD 16oz from $23.99 USD
Liver-Pur™ $10.25 USD
Uric-Pur™ $10.25 USD
Parasite-Pur™ $10.25 USD