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Basic Bird OWD - Nut-Free! 16oz

All of our OWD daily diets come in 1# packages. The shelf life is up to one year from the date of production if kept sealed and in a dark, cool and dry pantry. Each package label indicates the "Guaranteed Analysis" performed by a 3rd-party food testing lab, a "Use-by" date, and an internal verification code (IVC) to designate individual batches.

NO GRAIN! = No Gluten!


All of our foods are gently dehydrated under 110 degrees F  - considered "raw" by industry standards - never cooked. 

Handmade: Our gourmet "handmade" grain-free formula is also gently dehydrated under 110 degrees. Our handmade formula contains more ingredients for more balanced nutrition. We suggest feeding 25% to no more than 45% fresh food with every meal with our handmade formulas.


By law, we are NOT required to provide the GA (guaranteed analysis) because we do not make any claims regarding "total and complete diet" or how any of our items can, or will improve the health of your bird(s). Those foods that do indicate the GA is only voluntary for the convenience of our customers.

Read this: Comparisons of Food - BirDelicious! Origins Wild Diet® (


Customer Reviews
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Karen B.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Nothing like it anywhere!

From dry, crumbly pellets to freshly made human-grade organic, "raw!" The BEST!

Kathy P.
United States United States

my parrots love this food and it's good for them

This is another great food source, my Parrots, love it, I add it with Better feathers, diet. it has a great texture, with all kinds of good nutrition that captive birds, need, naturally as they would find if they were living in the wild, always fresh. I highly recommend this diet

Gladys O.
United States United States

I'll buy again !

I use it for my conures,cockatails, buggies,finches,quakers! I put and the blender to make a powder and put on the fruta and vegetables and sprouts!

Cheryl H.
United States United States

Great Food-Smells so Fresh-My Amazon Loves It

My rescue Blue Front Amazon loves this food. His feathers seriously glow, are incredibly soft, and his colors are so vivid. His eyes shine brightly and he is a happy, happy bird. It took him a while before he'd try the food but once he finally did, it is his fav! Thank you for making such an awesome food for our loves. Thank you also for the free bags that you have included in recent orders - it really helps.

United States United States

Best Birdie Best Food

I have a rescue Blue Front Amazon who is a very important member of our flock. It took him ten months to really accept this food because it was so different from the Harrison's he was on, but I just took my time and knew I could not push this bird - he can be very set in what he will/will not accept. I continued to add Basic Bird to his food bowl every morning and the next morning it was still there. I tried serving it wet, but he didn't go for that either. That first bag took a long time to go through. I tried the tips of gradually decreasing old food and adding more of this, but he just ignored it. Well, I can be as determined as he is. Finally after about 8 months of feeding this luxury food to the outside birds since mine was showing no interest, he picked up a piece and nibbled it. I was so thrilled and praised him. He dropped the piece and didn't touch the Basic Bird for the next week or two that I noticed, but then he picked another noodle up and this time really munched it. I swear he smiled while eating it. Then he selected another. Now, he is eating and enjoying this food so much, I can discontinue his old food. I am thrilled that he is eating a food that is so good for him. His feathers seriously glow and are growing in thicker (not that they were lacking before) and even softer than before. He is currently doing some molting so I am anxious to see his new feathers. He loves his new food. Thank you, Machelle, for providing an excellent food for my buddy. I will continue feeding this food, even though it takes a good chunk of my very limited income.

Kathy P.
United States United States

my parrots love this food and it's good for them

great its fresh organic food, that my parrots thrive eating

Kathy P.
United States United States

Recommend by my flock

My parrots enjoy this food. They eat it all with no waste

Kathy P.
United States United States

This is great for any Parrot

My parrots love this food,mixes well with any other birdielishes food

darcy t.
United States United States

This is the Food with the WOW Factor

I have used this on my old double yellow head amazon that I rescued 19 years ago. The bird belonged to a homeless lady that could no longer keep her. She may not have had the best diet starting her life off and she eventually got sick 2 years ago. That is when I knew I had to take strong measures with her diet and this is my only go to food. Her weight is critical to her her living and she cannot be fat. She is thriving to the amazement of my avian vet and we all feel “you are what you eat” and it shows. I am no longer fearful I know I have found the sweet spot. I feel so fortunate to have this available for my rescues. All the pellet foods have corn as their first ingredient and that is not nutritionally a good foundation. I am sincere when I say the vet bills alone would scare anyone to find a new and better way as I did. Thank you all at this company.

The Best Bird Food Origins Wild Diet®

Thank you so much, Darcy for such a wonderful review!

Eirlys R.
United States

Cockatiel sprouted seed mix and soak and serve mix

Love the products, and will buy again. However, I wanted to buy several of the soak and serve but they were out of stock. I had a $3 coupon, but it was expiring the day I wanted to place the order. So, I did not place the order because I could not get both products :-(. I am waiting for another sale and the soak and serve to be back in stock so I may combine the purchase with only one shipping charge.

The Best Bird Food Origins Wild Diet®

Thank you so much for your review! Because our foods are literally handmade sometimes products are out of stock. We try super hard to keep up with demand, but with custom, handmade products it can be difficult at times.

Eric D.
United States

Tallulah ❤️ loves BirdOrigin

“Talullah” our 10month old Senegal took to this food right away....was an easy transition and continues to enjoy it. Impressed with the quantity and quality of ingredients we will be ordering again. ThankYou

The Best Bird Food Origins Wild Diet®

Very happy Tallulah loves Origins Wild Diet! Thank you for your review!