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Wild Omegas!™

We have researched to find what may just be the best Omegas for exotic birds! 

After researching for a very long time and trying out different sources of Omega 3s we have arrived and formulated what we believe exotic birds need to increase their Omega 3 profiles. 

We are using these very blends with our own flock. Tremendous results have been witnessed! Feathers and shafts are no longer even slightly dry. Beaks are healthier. Talons appear healthier. Skin is much more supple than ever before! Our birds are vocalizing more, they are very alert! Yet, when they sleep they seem to sleep better. 

Overall we believe these blends are one of the best answers to correcting improper Omega 6 to Omega 3 profiles in our birds' systems. 

Our special blends are formulated to help replenish healthy gut flora. These blends also aid in the production and repair of neurotransmitters. In fact, we are seeing less "behavioral" problems all together! No screaming, no aggression, less plucking in those that have this tendency, calmer demeanor, yet bright and alert. 

Omega 3s, and specific Omega 3s can repair, and sometimes totally reverse brain damage from head injuries, emotional trauma, physical trauma, years of unhealthy gut flora, and eliminate or reduce auto-immune disorders. 

The correct ratio of Omega 6s to Omega 3s has been established at a 1:1 ratio. Most humans don't even come close to that in their diet. Most Americans maintain a 20:1 or even as high as a 30:1 ratio! And folks, unfortunately many of us are feeding our flocks in a very similar manner in which we feed ourselves - sadly. So the addition of specific Omega 3s in a proprietary blend can help balance your feathered friend's Omega profile and may just aid in overall healing! 

Our proprietary blends contain an array of Omega 3s including DHA, EPA and other Omegas that aid in the absorption of these Omega 3s such as ALA and Omega 9. All of these are excellent brain supplements and may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, dementia, seizures and more! Only the finest of human grade ingredients are use.

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