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The freshest packaged exotic bird food on the market bar none. We make your bird's food as close to fresh as possible so you don't have to.

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Welcome to TBBF's Affiliate Program. When you join us as an affiliate, you are helping to ensure that exotic bird companions are receiving the very best in wholesome, nutritious food.

How Our Program Works

Accounts must be approved by admin, which will usually happen within 24-hours of registration.
You will receive a unique affiliate account where we can track the sales you generate.
You will be provided with a personal link that can be added to your emails or website.
A variety of banners will be provided for your use on your website or in emails.
You will receive a 10% commission on select Origin Wild Diet foods.
At the end of every quarter, we total your commissions and send your money. No minimum is required.
You will have your own log-in page where you can track your sales and view performance reports.


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*Passion Tree House LLC / Origins Wild Diet / BirD-elicious! reserves the right to accept and/or decline any application from any potential affiliate as well as cancel any affiliate's account, and/or the entire affiliate program at any time for any reason. We also reserve the right to add/remove items for which we pay a commission. Also, we reserve the right to change the amount of commission we pay on any item. Finally, we reserve the right to change the minimums and/or frequency in which we pay commissions.

Affiliates will not hold Passion Tree House LLC and any of our agents responsible for their own sales originating from any of their links or banners linked to our websites. The number of sales or lack thereof any of our affiliates incur is not our responsibility. Affiliate acknowledges that Passion Tree House LLC and agents will not be held accountable for "downtime" of any of our sites.

Buyers Indemnification. Affiliates and Buyers agree to indemnify and hold Seller, the Subsidiary, their officers, directors, affiliates and representatives (collectively, the "Seller Indemnitees") each harmless from and against and in respect of any damages, losses, liabilities, claims or expenses (including court costs and reasonable attorneys' fees associated therewith) ("Seller Damages") arising from or incurred by any Seller Indemnitee as a result of affiliate and/or their customers purchase of any of the products produced/sold by Passion Tree House LLC.

All affiliates and their customers abide by the same terms as any website customer and/or Auto-Ship customer: Terms of Use. Affiliate terms and/or website terms may change at any time for any reason without notice upon the discretion of Passion Tree House LLC.