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Avian Sanctuary

Avian Sanctuary

Please help us raise funds to expand Providence Exotic Bird Sanctuary (PEBS) to build a severely needed national network of permanent-resident sanctuaries!

When we began "keeping" parrots we never thought it would turn into something like a hobby, then a business, then a passion with a purposeful revolutionize the way exotic companion birds are fed and housed so they may once again begin to thrive and not just barely survive.

Once we began to see that these beautifully majestic creatures were suffering at our very own hands due to the poor quality diets along with the lack of natural stimulation, we set out on a mission to change that. While we will admit that we alone cannot change the entire avian community and the lives of all companion birds, we hope to help set new standards by which companion birds eat and live.

ALL of the avian residents at "Providence" arrived with health issues that precludes them from ever living in private homes with normal, everyday familes. It is for this reason their former caregivers contacted us with the request we care for their beloved feathered friend for the remainder of their life, as they felt they could no longer care for their bird properly. We make it our policy not to judge "why" a person or family reliquinshes a bird. We consider it an honor and a privilege that they choose to place their trust in us for the care of their "chronically ill" bird for the remainder of that bird's life. Just like our name indicates, we do our very best to restore each bird to the level of health it is both willing to be rehabilitated to and capable of.

Here, at our private sanctuary, we strive for positive change day in and day out. We do that with the foods we feed, the diets we formulate and the enrichment items we supply. We hope to be a positive example in some small way to the entire avian community. We strive to show how a good diet and natural foraging toys can make to even the most abused and neglected birds thrive.

View for yourself what fresh, natural foods along with natural foraging enrichment items can do for even the poorest of feathered souls. Mixed with tender loving care, even the most basic of care can literally transform their lives!

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Our private sanctuary isNOT YET a sanctioned 501(c)3.
In other words, we do not solicit the public on a regular basis forcharitable, tax-deductible donations. However, we are accepting non-tax-deductible gifts to expand our PEBS sanctuary network to better serve those in the avian community that may need to relinquish their bird(s) for whatever reason. We are a permanent-resident sanctuary (we do not adopt out any resident) so any relinquished bird will always remain in our network of independent, private sanctuaries approved and supported by the business end of PEBS. Please share your non-tax-deductible gift to PEBS here:


Our sanctuary is funded solely by any profit our business generates from the sale of our food and toys from this website and our own personal funds, period. We do not "live" off the sales from our website; all monies earned support our sanctuary and progressive avian nutritional research.

We are not accepting any additional residents, at this time, due to the high standards of care we offer each individual already in our care — the amount of time, financial resources and space each resident is so deserving of. Please check back occasionally to see if a spot has opened. As you know, birds do cross that Rainbow Bridge. If this happens to one of our residents we may be willing to take in an additional resident under the right circumstances. We screen each potential new resident carefully in order to evaluate whether he/she will "fit in" with our already existing flock. It is always our supreme effort to ensure that our entire flock, as well as any new resident, will be comfortable and at ease with their living conditions as a combined flock.


Help us E.X.P.A.N.D Providence Exotic Bird Sanctuary! Goal: $250,000.00 Raised to date: $1304.00 Thank you!

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