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Black Tie Service Charge - INTERNAL USE ONLY

Explanation here:

Auto Renew Customers: $3.25
Nest Egg Reward Customers: $3.25
Inconvenience Fee ($3.25 charge or 20% of ST of order, whichever applies to customer request)

Please remember, we are first and foremost a permanent-resident avian sanctuary attempting to raise funds to support Providence Exotic Bird Sanctuary (PEBS) and its expansion. We wish to grow PEBS so we can take in additional displaced companion birds. That means we need to cut our costs wherever we can to provide aid to the very community we serve both in sanctuary and in food supplies. YOU, our valued customer help us as a sanctuary to provide these services by purchasing our food, giving financial gifts to PEBS, and helping us cut down on our limited time to provide these services, and cutting our costs making funds available to expand our services!

Please understand WE pay a combined charge for discounts apps in the amount of over $200 PER MONTH for our customers to enjoy the discounts we offer through Auto Renew and Rewards programs. In other words, customer discounts cost us more than the discount you receive when you utilize our discount programs.
Folks, please be advised: When we are requested by you to update your Auto Renew accounts, or Rewards Program "Nest Egg" points, whether it be a one-time request or a recurring request, we must charge a service fee for each time of action on our part. *PLEASE NOTE AUTO RENEW IS SEPARATE FROM REWARDS. DISCOUNTS CANNOT BE USED INTERCHANGEABLY BETWEEN BOTH PROGRAMS.* ALSO *ONLY ONE DISCOUNT COUPON MAY BE USED PER INDIVIDUAL PURCHASE.*

These savings programs are "automatic" once you enroll, but the customer must maintain their own account(s) in order to save dollars; we cannot do that for you. (While we can adjust Auto Renew accounts, we CANNOT apply a REWARDS discount AFTER you have placed your order!) Savings are "earned" based on the program(s) we offer to our customers. Creating more work for us was not our intention; we had hoped the savings programs we offer would be utilized by our customers without any *additional actions* on our part.

Folks, please understand we offer you earned discounts to help you save money. Saving means that you are responsible for the upkeep of your accounts and discounts associated with those accounts. We simply cannot take time to help you save money other than the automatic discount programs we offer for YOU to maintain.

Every person only has 24 hours each day. Our company is a two-person operation which limits our time. Updating, maintaining, and "fixing" individual accounts takes time that is then taken away from making food, packing, and shipping your orders *on time.*

Please take the time to learn, understand and utilize any discount programs you are enrolled in at If you are enrolled in Auto Renew, learn how to add and remove items *using the correct date, frequency of time between orders, and quantity of each item.* Learn how to update your billing and shipping address, email address, phone number, payment info, and any other pertinent info relating to your account. If you are enrolled in our Rewards Nest Egg program learn how to access your account y clicking on the BLACK button located at the lower left of your PC screen or phone. Find the discount you wish to use, COPY the code and then place it in the DISCOUNT COUPON BOX at checkout.*

If you truly desire to save money please maintain your own, individual savings program(s). If you desire black tie services please understand you will be charged our Black Tie Service Charge.

Thank you!
Team OWD!