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Cholla Chewer™

Hours of foraging fun! 

This all-natural chewing toy can distract your bird

from all kinds of mischievousness!

Our foods have always been our TOP priority!

But many of our customers know that our all natural toys are the bomb!
*Toys are bulky and require extra shipping costs.
The shipping cost is included & reflected in the "Shipping" at checkout.

The core is made of cholla. We use fiber rush (a paper cord that is very tough) to attach all other natural parts. (May use various natural parts depending on stock available at the time of your order)

It measures about 7" long including the stainless steel quick link. It's about 3 to 4" wide.

"The Best Bird Toys™" is a legally trademarked name. We have been in the business of making safe, all natural toys since 2003, becoming official in 2011. We are not associated with any other company that may be illegally using our trademarked name.