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Chunky Stax!™

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Daddy Stax™ -  Mama Stax™ -  Baby Stax™

Our foods have always been our TOP priority!

But many of our customers know that our all natural toys are the bomb!
*Toys are bulky and require extra shipping costs.
The shipping cost is included & reflected in the "Shipping" at checkout.

Get ready for the world of chomping and chewing! We've taken a stainless steel kabob (your bird can use to forage for fruits later) and stacked Sassafras and Madrone wood discs for lots of chewing hours! 

Daddy Stax is especially for the large Macaws, large Cockatoos and any bird who loves to chew! Even the smaller Cockatoos who love to spend their time chewing!

Mama Stax is good for medium-sized birds such as the African Greys, Amazons, Conures, Poicephalus, etc. 

Baby Stax is for any of the smaller species who love to chew and gnaw! 

These are sure to be a favorite in the world of foraging for your feathered friend! And it's great that you have a stainless kabob to use after your bird has demolished all of the wood discs!

Comes complete with a stainless quick link and stainless washer at the bottom of the kabob to hold produce in place once you begin using the kabob for fresh food.

"The Best Bird Toys™" is a legally trademarked name. We have been in the business of making safe, all natural toys since 2003, becoming official in 2011. We are not associated with any other company that may be illegally using our trademarked name.