BirD-elicious! Origins Wild Diet® - Avian Whole Raw Food Nutrition! - Really RAW for Birds!®
The original Un-Pellet bird food!®
"We've been feeding raw before feeding raw was cool!"
The freshest packaged exotic bird food on the market bar none.

"We make your bird's food as close to fresh as possible so you don't have to."

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  • New Customer Discount Add this coupon code during checkout: nc22 You will receive 22% off your first order! This discount applies to brand new customers only and can be used one time only.  If we find that a customer has used this coupon and is NOT a new customer, or uses the coupon more than once we will automatically refund the payment for your order and your order will not ship. 
  • Gift of the Day! - Any order of $25.00 or more will receive our free gift of the day (when we have a gift available)! You don't have to add this to your cart or use any coupon!
  • SHARE the Good News! - When you share our website URL on Facebook  (other than within our own groups) we will issue you a discount coupon for use on your next order! Simply use the tag @The Best Bird Food .com Origins Wild Diet BirD-elicious or @Machelle Pacion. Once we see the tag we will contact you with your personal discount code. (If using @Machelle Pacion you will need to be "Friends" with Machelle on Facebook to tag her.)
  • Happy Birthday to YOU! (Annual gift)Add this option to your cart and tell us your birth date in the "Notes" section at checkout (Year of birth is not needed). (We cannot send you a birthday gift if you do not enter your birth date) IF you are or become a frequent, regular and consistent customer (at least 6 months of consecutive orders of $25 or more) we will send you a free gift on or around your birthday! (You need to email us at with the date of your birthday)
  • Lifted Wings Program-If you or someone you know is currently suffering financial hardship, we still want their feathered friends to be fed really, really well. For this reason, when legal documentation is supplied proving financial hardship (food stamp card, Social Security benefit letter, or other legal forms of proof) we will issue a discount coupon good for up 15% off purchases.
  • Golden Wings Program -This program is for senior citizens age 65 or older who are currently receiving Social Security benefits they have paid into during their lifetime of employment. Provide the legal proof we need to issue you a coupon code worth 10% off your purchases. Legal proof needs to be a photo of your Social Security benefits card or your letter from the SS Administration deeming you qualified to receive Social Security benefits, along with proof of age. Please do not send us your Social Security number.
  • Soldier Savings ProgramThis program is specifically for the women and men who serve in our country's military. This discount is reserved specifically for the USA military personnel. Provide legal proof of your military service, both active and inactive/retired and we will provide your own, personal coupon code worth 12% off your purchases from our website. Legal proof can include a copy of your military card, a military benefits letter, or any other legal proof of your service (current address must match legal proof). Purchases must be made in the name and address of the military person in your own household.
  • Community Project Fund for Medical EmergenciesThis is a special fund set aside for those who are regular and consistent customers. If one of our customers' birds suddenly become ill and financial aid is needed, we will pay the attending veterinarian up to $250.00 per customer per the calendar year. This project is funded by 1% of our total sales each month. You must supply current laboratory reports (be sure to include the date on the scan of reports) and you must supply the name, phone number and address of the attending veterinarian. Be sure to let your vet know we (Passion Tree House) may be calling to verify medical services rendered. Benefits will ONLY be paid directly to the attending veterinarian.

You can send any legal proof needed for our discount / financial aid programs to 

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