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SeeD-elicious!™ Grain Mix : Pre-Sprouted & Fermented 2oz.

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 All of our OWD SeeD-elicious *sprouted and fermented* daily treats come in vacuum-packed 2oz packages. The shelf life is up to one year from the date of production if kept sealed and in a dark, cool and dry pantry. Each package label indicates the "Guaranteed Analysis" performed by a 3rd-party food testing lab, a "Use-by" date, and an internal verification code (IVC) to designate individual batches.

Sprouted and fermented grains and seeds are a wonderful and safe way to get "healthy gut flora" into your bird's diet. Fermentation breaks potentially harmful gluten down so that it can be fully digested. 

This mix can be fed to any species.

While botanically classified vegetables contain too much tightly-woven-in insoluble cellulose for a parrot's digestive tract to fully digest, absorb and metabolize, young, baby greens are a wonderful way to introduce power-packed nutrition containing hemi-cellulose fiber that is soluble and easy to digest for parrots. 

Our grain mix is not grown to "baby shoots," but they are barely sprouted and fermented to unlock all of the great nutrition grains have to offer!

Ingredients may change due to seasonal availability, but will normally include:

Ingredients:(In no particular order)

  • Organic, sprouted & fermented Basmati Rice
  • Organic, sprouted & fermented Barley
  • Organic, sprouted & fermented Oats
  • Organic, sprouted & fermented Rye
  • Organic, sprouted & fermented Spelt
  • Organic, sprouted & fermented Wheat Berries
  • Organic, sprouted & fermented Millet