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Help Expand Providence Exotic Bird Sanctuary (PEBS)! (click this button)

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HELP EXPAND OUR PROVIDENCE EXOTIC BIRD SANCTUARY by giving a non-deductible gift to P.E.B.S. and automatically receive 1 FREE birdie breakfast cereal from our freeze-dried "Good Morning Sunshine collection! (The free gift will not show in your cart) (Free gift applies to monetary gifts of $25 or more)

Many of our customers have asked that we accept their beloved exotic bird at some point in the future as a permanent resident in PEBS. These customers know that their feathered friend will be taken care of properly and fed really, really well in our sanctuary. Our customers also know that we will not "flip" or sell their birds for profit. We do not adopt out. "Breeding" is not allowed in our sanctuary.

Currently, we are mentoring two people that are much younger than ourselves to manage and operate the business end, and care for the parrots of PEBS in the future when we can no longer do so ourselves. 

Please help us expand our permanent-resident sanctuary AND also support the avian rescues/sanctuaries we donate to!

You may need our services down the line...

George, Machelle & The Providence Exotic Bird Sanctuary Flock THANK YOU! 

*Gifts are NOT tax-deductible at this point in time. (This is because we use the sale of our products to operate our sanctuary, but we need additional funds to expand)

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