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Homestyle Microgreen Mix - .50oz

(Approx 2.5 - 3 cups) Freeze-Dried

Increase the overall nutrition of your flock's diet by adding our freeze dried Homestyle Microgreen Mix!

Microgreens, tender greens, and edible flowers are a healthy way to introduce Omegas 3s, anti-cancer polyphenols, vitamins, minerals, and fiber into your feathered friend's system! 

We do want to introduce a limited amount of nutrition available in cruciferous vegetables and to do that we simply feed microgreens, tender greens, and edible flowers that are comprised of hemicellulose fiber which offer highly digestible and bio-available nutrients contained in cruciferous veggies.

Our microgreens, tender greens, and edible flowers are freeze-dried to maintain up to 97% of their original, naturally occurring nutrients with a long shelf life of up to 2 years! (Not that they will last that long when your flock discovers how good they taste!)


  • Microgreen - Homestyle Mix: (0.50oz - Apprx 2.5-3 cups)
  • Now contains miniature freeze-dried peppers!

  • May contain any or all of the below:

    • organic Micro Broccoli leaves
    • organic Arugula leaves
    • organic Micro Mizuna leaves (Brassica rapa - Japanese mustard greens, or spider mustard)
    • organic Micro Red Kale leaves
    • organic Micro Turnip leaves
    • organic Micro Red Cabbage leaves
    • organic Micro Radicchio leaves
    • organic Micro Beet leaves
    • organic Pea Shoots
    • organic Micro Tatsoi leaves (Brassica rapa - cabbage)
    • organic Micro Radish leaves
    • organic Micro Okra leaves
    • organic Italian Basil leaves
    • organic Bulls Blood leaves
    • organic Verdolaga leaves
    • organic Mizuna leaves
    • organic Micro Red Amaranth leaves
    • organic Carrot Top leaves
    • organic Parsley leaves
    • organic Sunflower microgreens
    • organic Micro Watercress leaves
    • organic Micro Peppercress leaves
    • organic Red Mustard leaves
    • organic Oregano leaves
    • organic Micro Gold Mung leaves
    • organic Popcorn shoots
    • organic Squash shoots, organic Mung Bean shoots
    • organic buckwheat shoots
    • conventional Purslane (currently out of season) Purslane is a clover-like herb that bears small, wedge-shaped, oblong and dark, green leaves on its reddish-tinted, smooth and juicy stems. Flavorful and crunchy, the entire plant can be used, the stems being the most succulent. Raw stems offer a mild slightly sour, tangy flavor. The high content of alpha linolenic acid present in purslane, a type of the omega-3 fatty acids, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Purslane is also known as verdolagas or Mexican parsley.