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Squash Blossom™

A customer favorite!

Pure "Eclectus"

(But other species love this too!)

Our foods have always been our TOP priority!

But many of our customers know that our all natural toys are the bomb!
*Toys are bulky and require extra shipping costs.
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We have received so many questions regarding what is the best toy for the Eclectus species and this is our answer to your inquiries!

It's true that many Ekkies just don't "play" like other species ...instead they really like to chew...but even more so they like to clean their beaks off after they are finished eating!

At least that's what we have found to be true for our flock of Ekkies! 

So this is what we have developed for our "boys" and they absolutely LOVE their "Squash Blossoms"! 

It starts off curled up like a flower that hasn't blossomed and then once your Eclectus begins "beaking at the flower" the "petals" begin to unfurl and your bird begins to "chew" on the unfurled "petals"! 

This is how your bird will clean its beak after eating, stimulating your bird's desire to continue to play with its new favorite toy! 

No doubt this has become our Ekkie's favorite chew toy! 

And it lasts forever because the natural, all un-dyed, paper fiber it's made from is really super tough! Plus it comes with its own stainless steel quick link!  That spells VALUE and SAFETY!

This toy doesn't really shred, it just eventually disappears as it gradually wears down. It's about 6"-8" in diameter before it's unfurled and up to 12"-14" in diameter unfurled. 

If you are thinking of purchasing this toy for a different species, you'll love it! 

We actually do not recommend this toy for other parrots...smaller birds yes, but other parrots seem to destroy this toy too fast. The Eclectus however? PERFECT toy! They seem to "savor" this toy for weeks and sometimes months!

"The Best Bird Toys™" is a legally trademarked name. We have been in the business of making safe, all natural toys since 2003, becoming official in 2011. We are not associated with any other company that may be illegally using our trademarked name.