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2018 Health Strategies: Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting: The controlled voluntary abstinence of food. It is not starving oneself. It detoxes and cleanses our body, mind, and soul. This is recommended by many religions, including Christianity, Buddhism, Muslum, Mormonism and more.

Machelle Pacion – Avian Nutrition Specialist

As a society, we have strayed far, far away from fasting for several reasons; food is so readily available to us in our modern world, we use food to comfort us when we are not feeling well emotionally and physically and other reasons.
While it is essential to consume only healthy foods, categorized by the way food is categorized, grown, processed and prepared, eating too much of a good thing, can be bad for overall health. Pretty much the key to anything we do in life is to maintain "moderation" - not too much of anything, not too little. This same principle applies to eating.
Animals in the wild experience intermittent fasting naturally because not all foods are always available, sometimes foods are scarce due to drought and other reasons. Also, much of "their land" has been and is being taken over by humans introducing crops to...grow more food. Way back when we were "hunters and gatherers" food was not always available. Nature took care of forcing us to fast by managing our food supply.
Today, we don't rely as much on Nature to manage our food supplies; we manage our food supplies. And by us managing our food supplies, instead of allowing Nature to do it for us, we make sure we always, always have food available. This is partly one of the causes leading to obesity of ourselves and our pets.
When one does intermittent fasting one loses weight or maintains a healthy weight they are at, blood sugar is reduced, blood pressure reduces, energy increases, clarity of mind returns, one begins sleeping better and more!
Intermittent fasting can be done in a number of manners. There is the "5:2" fasting which is 5 days eating and 2 days not eating. There is monthly fasting where a person may not eat for an entire week. The method I use and love is to fast for 16 hours a day, usually, half of that time is spent sleeping.(Yes, sleep regenerates our body and it can be used as a weight loss tool!) I eat a healthy meal in the morning including healthy fats, protein, and tender greens. I eat no lunch and then in the evening I have a salad, fruit, and nuts. That's it and I'm dropping weight like it is being sliced off of me! I feel better, more energetic, blood pressure is coming down, blood sugar is reducing and my mind processes better and faster! AND BECAUSE OF THE KIND OF FOODS I EAT, I AM NEVER HUNGRY! This stuff works!
"The best of all medicines is resting and fasting."
Along with focusing on "gut flora," 2018 will bring a lot of very important health strategies that are sure to change the way you live and feed yourself and your pets. At a minimum, this information will make you think about your current manner of eating, sleeping, exercising and the overall manner in which you manage life!
Here is a short video to introduce you to "intermittent fasting" and the value it offers to you and the health of your pets.
And a much longer video if you care to learn even more:
And one more I would like to share with you:
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