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Made From Organic Foods

Fresh, Handmade, Avian Whole Raw Food Nutrition! 

Really Raw for Birds®. The original "Un-Pellet!"

Made by Hand

We hand-make our foods, then dehydrate at low temps in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. CHOP is freeze-dried.

Species Specific

Formulated using a large variety of ingredients to ensure that your bird is getting the best possible wholesome nutrition. 

Feather Destruction in Parrots

Many of us deal with this insidious syndrome. Get answers now! Feather destruction is mostly caused by poor nutrition.

Exclusively "GA" formulated, hand-produced, & sold ONLY by us!

We make your pet's food fresh, so you don't have to! Non-GMO, no BHA, no BHT, no Ethoxyquin, no artificial preservatives, no added colors, or flavors. No added vitamins, sugar, or any chemicals. DOG FOOD: From Date Creek Ranch! Free-Range Raised, Grass-fed, Grass-finished, No -BHA, no Ethoxyquin, no artificial colors or flavors, no added preservatives, no vaccines, no added hormones, no mRNA.

Purely food, that’s all!

"Hard to get; worth the wait!" - George the BirdE-Chef

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We love to help animal rescue organizations & human charities!

To date we have donated the design and cost of two logos: KEP & CBBR!

We donate up to $300.00 per month, per charity depending on the size of the rescue.

We accept a new charities once we reach enough $ amount in sales & gifts from customers to justify taking on an additional charity.

YOUR purchases help us donate!