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Umbrella Cockatoo

Maggie arrived at “Providence” in really sad shape. Our son sent me a message via Facebook in August of 2014 pleading with us to take in a much unexpected permanent resident. A friend of his whose mother just could not afford to take Maggie to the vet to have her seen said that Maggie “had a growth where she eliminated”. Clearly the family was in way over their heads because they didn’t even know what they were looking at when what they were seeing was “prolapse”.

In addition the former caregiver complained that Maggie had become very aggressive and she could not longer handle her in any way and that she screamed constantly.

All of the arrangements were made and Maggie soon came to live with our “Providence” flock. Of course she had to be quarantined until we had her thoroughly vetted with all the proper blood tests, fecal graham stains, etc. Once our veterinarian took a look at her he diagnosed Maggie with “complex prolapse” meaning that her fecal, urinary and reproductive tracts have prolapsed. What a horrible, horrible shame. He was, however, able to maneuver all of them back up inside of her right there in the exam room. Unfortunately they prolapsed before we ever left his office. The good doctor said he could perform a temporary suture under general anesthesia but he doubted it would hold, and in his experienced opinion (and he has cared for his own personal flock of over 200 birds in his lifetime) there was absolutely nothing that could be done for Maggie but place her on a good, nutritious pelleted diet and call it a day. Well, since we don’t believe in pelleted diets, and he was the very person that told us that her diet was what got her to this point in the first place, Maggie will not be placed on a pelleted diet. Instead she was placed on BirD-elicious! Origins Wild Diet® along with other fresh foods. In addition we will be paying very special attention to her calcium/magnesium ratio, vitamins A & D as well as protein intake.

In the very short amount of time we have had her the prolapse has decreased by 2/3rds!

We have found Maggie to be a total joy and very pleasant. She doesn’t scream except when it’s time to be fed! So far we have not been bit once.


Our private sanctuary is NOT a sanctioned 501(c)3. In other words, we do not solicicit the public on a regular basis for charitible, tax-deductible donations.

Instead our sanctuary is funded solely by any profit our business generates from the sale of our food and toys from this website and our own personal funds, period. We do not "live" off the sales from our website; all monies earned support our sanctuary and progressive avian nutritional research.