Congo African Grey


There is not a lot of background information on Koko other than she has had three different families in her past. Her last caregiver simply didn’t feel they could offer her the attention she needed and felt she would do better in a “flock” situation. Here she is with our “Providence” flock.

Koko has, like the other birds shown extreme sensitivity to the naturally occurring phenols in foods in the form of “salicylates”. For this reason she, too is on our “Mutilation Syndrome Program™”. Just the tiniest of anything will set Koko off into her picking frenzy. We really, really have to watch the amount of salicylates she receives in her foods; she is uber sensitive to phenols. We personally believe this is partially because she has been over-exposed to phenols in her past via aromatherapy as well as in her diet and topically. It is for this very reason we wish to caution people that use essential oils in their house. Essential oils are exceptionally high in phenols and some of them contain high amounts of salicylates. Birds are especially sensitive to these naturally occurring constituents. If their system becomes overloaded with these constituents, while they are supposed to act as natural homeopathic healing agents, for some birds that have auto-immune problem s due to unhealthy gut flora, the essential oils can actually do more harm than good. Such is the case, we believe with Koko. Her system has become over-sensitized to phenols and especially salicylates.

We will continue to detox Koko’s system through and through hoping that one day her extreme sensitivity will dissipate.  



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