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Dog Food | Canine | Human-Grade Freeze-Dried

Yes, we are branching out! 

Daily diets are made with beef, lamb, chicken and/or turkey, salmon (this is the only ingredient that is cooked for safety reasons) mixed with greens, berries, and more!

So many of us care for a variety of animals.
It is only fitting for us to help you care for the health and vitality of many of your pets!

Our meats are raised as Free-Range, Grass-fed, Grass-finished, and non-GMO, with NO grains, antibiotics, hormones, vaccines, or mRNA!

All of our freeze-dried meats are Grade A Human-Grade!

Considered "RAW" by industry standards, freeze-dried meats deliver up to 98% of the original, naturally occurring nutrients!

Dogs don't eat cooked meat in the wild!

No 4D meats for our furry friends!

What are 4D meats? 

"Dead, dying, diseased, or down." 

If you find raw/freeze-dried, dehydrated or kibble dog food that is super cheap, it most likely is made from 4D meats and may contain grains!

Our meats are raised and processed by: 

AZ Grass Fed Beef

***If you have been feeding kibble, these "raw" products need to be introduced slowly so your dog doesn't incur digestive upsets. Once fully introduced, there should be no digestive upsets. 

***When feeding freeze-dried meats, remember to do one of two things:

1) Rehydrate before feeding. Freeze-dried foods will expand in the stomach if not rehydrated before offering them to your favorite canine!

2) If you feed freeze-dried meats right out of the bag and do not rehydrate, remember that the size of the bite you feed will double or triple once in the digestive tract. DO NOT OVERFEED!

*If you purchase $75.00 or more in dog items, you will receive Jeannie Thomason's book "Natural Rearing" FREE! Just be sure to remind us in the "Notes" box during checkout! 

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Gullet Sticks - Dehydrated $1.25 USD $1.75 USD