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Feather Destroyer's Food

Feather Destroyer's Food

Our first and foremost goal is to reduce or eliminate feather destruction. For more information click on the button below.


Dirty Birdie and Better Feathers have been formulated for feather destroyers and have been clinically shown over and over to reduce or eliminate feather destruction in most birds! They have been laboratory-tested for balanced nutrition!

Growing feathers in is "icing on the cake." We hope to regenerate feather growth in those birds whose feather follicles are healthy enough to regrow feathers. If the follicles are permanently damaged then feather regrowth cannot occur, but to reduce or eliminate feather destruction is our primary goal in order to stop a bird from self-destruction!

This diet has clinically shown over and over to do just that within 9 months to year of use. After almost seen years of use in our own sanctuary birds we are confident this diet works!

After you have had your bird vetted to ensure you bird is healthy enough to go through a detox regimen we suggest taking your bird through 6 or more full weeks of our "Dirty Birdie Detox" prior to placing your bird on phase two of our "Better Feathers" food. Once your bird completes the "Dirty Birdie Detox all you do is feed "Better Feathers™" from that point forward! (It is possible that after 1 to 3 years after Better Feathers you may be able to begin gradually adding our regular diet for your species of bird into your bird's daily diet regimen, but only if you transition slowly.)

These diets are what most veterinarians would consider "prescription diets" - DO NOT attempt to replicate them in your own kitchen.

15+ years of research, clinical testing and independent 3rd party laboratory testing has gone into these diets.

Ingredients in these foods have been very carefully researched, decided upon, calculated and formulated specifically for the cessation of feather destruction and self-mutilation. The amounts and levels of each specific ingredient must be carefully measured and monitored in each recipe. Recipes cannot simply be thrown together using the same ingredients without carefully and specifically measuring to exact specifications expecting these diets to perform the intended task.

In addition, if the ingredients are not purchased from the correct manufacturer, if the specific brand, form or consistency of ingredients are altered in any way, if the correct amount of any ingredient is not specifically added you could potentially fatally harm your bird.

Origins Wild Diet™ has taken extreme precaution to ensure these diets will be gentle enough to protect your bird from further dietary mishaps your bird has suffered in the past, yet thoroughly detox your bird's digestive system while strengthening internal organs and regenerating neurotransmitters. Yet our program has been thoroughly tested to ensure that most birds can heal slowly without acute major shock to the overall system and homeostasis while totally replenishing and regenerating a bird's healthy homeostasis.

We make no guarantees that any bird will reduce or stop feather destruction or self-mutilation, however in our clinical testing we have experienced about a 95-98% success rate in overall reduction and/or cessation of feather destruction. There is absolutely no guarantee of feather regeneration due to potential permanent feather follicle damage, however many birds do reduce or stop feather destruction on our Mutilation Syndrome Program™ continuing on to regrow the majority of feathers back and retaining those feathers after two to three years on our program.

Please follow our advice and have a well-bird check up performed by your trusted veterinarian before starting your bird on this program. Have a basic CBC and fecal stain performed. Check for yeast overgrowth and parasites going so far as to even asking your vet for a crop swab for yeast. Also check for all of the typical avian diseases as suggested by your veterinarian. Specifically check liver enzymes and the overall endocrine system for avian diabetes. The more information you enter into this program armed with, the more potential your bird has for success.

The foods in The Mutilation Syndrome Program™ is sold with an instruction manual. It is outlined within that manual strict guidelines to follow regarding what to feed and what not to feed; do not feed any other foods other than what the manual instructs. In addition follow all instructions in the manual to achieve success with your bird; those instructions are not options if you desire success, they are requirements.

Upon purchasing any of the items/foods for The Mutilation Syndrome Program™ (feather destruction & self-mutilation) you understand and agree that you will not hold Passion Tree House LLC, any of its owners/managers or representatives or ingredient suppliers legally liable in any way corporately, civilly, emotionally or financially for the overall health and welfare of your bird or you or any of your family/friend members who have invested interest in your bird. You understand this program is specifically designed and produced for feather-destroying and self-mutilating exotic birds and not intended for any other species.


See Mutilation Syndrome Program™

The precursor to Better Feathers, this is the mandatory detox phase of the Mutilation Syndrome Program.

Phase I: Dirty Birdie Detox™

This phase is the entryway into the long term program for your feather destroyer to regain its nearly original natural born health!

You will begin your bird's Mutilation Syndrome Program™ by completely clearing and purifying your bird’s digestive tract of all old bacteria and unhealthy gut flora. Step-by-step you will begin replenishing your bird’s digestive tract with new, healthy and vibrant gut flora. This is not an overnight process and it is difficult for any bird to experience. For this reason we strongly encourage you to have your bird thoroughly vetted by having all blood tests performed before placing your bird on this program. A basic CBC along with in depth vitamin and mineral analysis should be done. We also suggest a liver panel with a complete endocrine system workup be performed. Ask your vet to check for all of the major avian bacterial, viral and fungal infections and have a fecal panel as well as a crop swab taken. Once your bird has been cleared and is deemed in good health you are ready to take your bird through this program. If your bird is ill in any way make sure your bird is completely healed before placing your bird on this program. Detox of any kind is places a strain on the overall homeostasis of any living creature and is not to be taken lightly.

The first phase of the program should continue for a minimum of 4 weeks and may last up to 6 weeks depending on each individual bird.

When the first shipment of Birdie Brittle™ food occurs the caregiver will also receive an instruction manual explaining the overall concept of The Mutilation Syndrome Program™ and what the caregiver should expect throughout the program as well as the dos and dont's. It is strongly encouraged to follow the program to the “T” for best results. All steps have been tried and found to be the keys to success. When steps are not followed success does not occur. This program is as much about changing the caregiver’s lifestyle as it is about changing the bird’s life. If the caregiver is not willing to make changes in their lifestyle then there is no reason to begin this program. Many of the changes are environmental changes due to allergies feather destroyers are prone to.

This detox phase is the prerequisite to Phase II, Better Feathers™. Our Better Feathers™ food will not be sold or shipped to any caregiver who has not purchased a minimum of 6 pounds of Birdie Brittle per each bird they have on this program.

The daily diet to feed ONLY after your bird has consumed Birdie Brittle for a minimum of 6 weeks and a suggested maximum of 8 weeks. Better Feathers can be fed for the life of your bird, but we recommend trying to transition your bird to our species-specific regular OWD daily diet after 1 to 2 years on this formula.

Phase II: Better Feathers™

Once your bird completes the Birdie Brittle™ phase it will be time to move forward to the long term diet of Better Feathers™ which is Phase II of the program. This is the food your bird will most likely consume for much of the remainder of its life unless it heals enough to transition to one of our regular Origins Wild Diet foods. Eventually your bird will be allowed to consume other fresh foods, but for a long time nothing but Better Feathers™ will be allowed in your bird’s diet. This food both detoxes and serves as a total diet. We will not sell this part of the program to anyone who does not complete the first phase.

This program is expensive. It is expensive financially and emotionally. We have been researching this program for 15+ years both clinically and through laboratory testing. We have placed our hearts and our time in this program. We are serious and very passionate about our research. What we have learned we hold very dear to our hearts. More than all of this our deepest desire is to provide help to the thousands of birds who suffer from this insidious syndrome. It’s time is way overdue to eradicate this from the lives of our beloved companion feathered friends. Once you make a commitment to this program we expect you to keep that commitment to your bird. We will not give up on you unless you give up on your bird.

*Do not enroll your bird if it is currently under the medical care of a veterinarian and receiving any pharmaceuticals of any kind. Pharma disrupts the gut flora making it impossible for this program to be effective. Once your bird is completely off pharma then you can place your bird on this program.