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Organic Freeze-Dried Chop

Forever Fresh! 

We DO NOT use added fruit juice in any of our freeze-dried items or mixes! Fruit juice ads sugar that is not needed and may add to a nutritional imbalance of nutrients.

Our version of freeze dried chop specifically formulated for parrots.

You can serve any of these chop for birds mixes, or singles right out of the package, dry for a crispy, crunchy healthy treat!

Or, just add fresh, clean, filtered water and voila! You have a healthy, hearty side dish to serve alongside your bird’s favorite Origins Wild Diet!

It's great to combine a couple of our freeze-dried Really Raw for Birds™ items for an in-between snack during the day as a healthy supplement to your bird’s OWD diet!

We only freeze-dry "in-house."

No additives, preservatives or any other chemicals are used during our freeze-drying process! All items are organic unless otherwise noted. In some cases, such as tropical foods are not certified organic, but are grown without chemicals - those foods are labeled "conventional" strictly due to the fact they are wild-crafted and not grown by a certified organic producer.

How to gauge the freeze dried amount/volume you are purchasing: 

      • Each item is listed by net weight & by volume.
      • Volume gives an idea of measurement in cups. This will vary depending on the size of the chips.
      • Net Weight gives a more defined and reliable, actual weight. Since freeze drying removes almost all moisture generally items weigh a minimum of 10 times less than fresh produce containing naturally occurring moisture. (Beware of sellers that do not list actual net weight)

View our list of organic suppliers here!