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VIP Avian Health and Nutrition

To feed or not to feed? Strawberries, apples, cherries & grapes. I get asked this question a lot about these fruits so I thought I would address these four specific fruits in one pos
  • 4 min read
As I have promised; we will be devoting this entire year of 2018 to improving the gut flora in our feathered friends, as well as ourselves. We must remain healthy to ensure we are alive to care for our exotic birds intrinsically gifted with the longevity of life.
  • 9 min read
Many of you already know that we continuously reformulate and 3rd-party laboratory-test our OWD diets according to any and all reliable research information we run across. We also study how our foods are affecting our own Providence Exotic Bird Sanctuary flock members. If we see a change needs to be made, we don’t hesitate, we do it. If the changes are positive we keep the new formulation; if the changes we see are not positive we throw our theories out and back to the drawing board we go!
  • 5 min read

Without enough Magnesium bones, beaks, feathers, nerve impulses, muscle coordination, brain neurons and heart health suffer greatly.

We all know that Calcium is important for proper bone growth and regeneration. Calcium is also necessary for beak health. It is also a major contributor to normal muscle tone and coordination, nerve impulses and neurological brain activity. If an overall diet is low in Calcium, or the body does not absorb Calcium the body will pull Calcium from bones. Pulling Calcium from the bones can lead to osteoporosis. What about Magnesium? How does it play in synergy with Calcium? Like Calcium, it is considered one of the most important major minerals.

  • 9 min read

The bornavirus was first identified in 1926, but it is believed that BV is millions of years old.

Almost EVERY living creature has bornavirus residing in their intestinal tract. This is fact.

Bornavirus is an opportunistic virus and mutates to survive. This is how it has found its way into all living creatures. It not only survives by mutating, but it also thrives! 

  • 10 min read
Depending on the Internet page you land on you will find varying opinions regarding which fish oil is best. Well, this all depends on what you want to derive from the fish oil you, your family and pets consume.
We have all heard and read the debates surrounding feeding eggs to our birds. Some of us believe eggs contain some of the best overall nutrition, for just about any living creature to consume. Others of us believe eggs are too high in cholesterol to feed to our birds or consume ourselves.
  • 8 min read

In the wild there are eight essential sugars exotic birds require in order to thrive.

Keep in mind while reading that the "amount" of sugar in each fruit is not the same as the "kind" of sugar in each fruit. While some fruit may contain high amounts of naturally occurring sugars, it is the "kind or type" of sugar that is of most importance. 

  • 8 min read
Recently a well-known commercial bird food manufacturer announced that alfalfa is now a new ingredient which has been added to their foods to supply Vitamin K to their diets...
  • 9 min read

Balancing nutrients is absolutely key in maintaining your feathered friend’s overall health and wellness! Many of you have read my blogs suggesting a higher magnesium dosage to balance out your bird’s consumption of calcium...

  • 2 min read
This is exactly why sprouting seeds, grains, and legumes should be done in the dark and only sprouted until you can barely see the tail.  The smaller the plant, the more nutrition it contains! There are some ways to reduce...
  • 3 min read
Irregular glycation can potentially be life-threatening. In fact, it is one of the major contributors to premature and advanced aging.  Various “glycosylation” definitions:[gli-ko″-sĭ-la´shun]...
  • 5 min read