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Spices in the Lives of Birds

A beautiful deep red seed, “Annatto Seed” can add color to a bird’s meal that may entice your bird to try out that new dish! “Achiote” is derived from the Spanish word “achiyotl” which means “red earth, red ochre.” (2)...

  • 4 min read
Before we can realistically know and understand how to utilize spices in the lives of our birds we first need to know the difference between “herbs and spices.”  Here is one definition given by Iowa State University, Department of...
  • 3 min read
The German term for caraway, Kümmel, derives from Latin cuminum for cumin and was misapplied to the plant popular in Germany. Latin cuminum leads, via Greek kyminon [κύμινον], further back to Semitic forms, e. g., Old Hebrew...
  • 6 min read