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Gut Flora: Microbiome Health!

I have always said that if I had to narrow feather destruction down to one, specific root cause it would be "malnutrition." 

Now, after all of the research and clinical studies I have performed over the 2017 year, I firmly believe with all of my heart that unhealthy gut flora is the one single-most cause of all illness and disease. On the flip side, proper nutrient absorption, a healthy immune system, neurological health, and healthy blood can be directly attributed to healthy gut flora. 

Beginning in 2018 we are launching in-depth education regarding your bird's gut flora. Starting NOW we are beginning to offer products and supplements that will help you help your bird clean out unhealthy gut flora and begin restoring and replenishing the microbiome with healthy gut flora!

Be sure to join our Facebook group at: Fermenting For Parrots! -You can learn how to improve your bird's microbiome (gut flora) using foods you already may have!

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