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Lifted Wings / Golden Wings

Lifted Wings™ - Birdie Food Stamps

For those who are experiencing hardship and legally receiving supplemental benefits for living expenses, we will be offering a 25% discount on all purchases from our website!

Applicants must be able to provide legal documentation proving they receive legitimate governmental aid. These funds come from our Community Project fund and those few customers who financially gift to our mission ensuring that as many birds as possible are "fed really, really well!"

We thank each and every one of you who make this possible!

If you think you qualify please email us today at: and provide your legal documentation as an attachment to your email.


Golden Wings™ Senior Citizen - Senior Appreciation Discount

New as of 2017 Bird-elicious! Origins Wild Diet® is offering a 5% discount to senior citizens ages 67 and older upon legal proof.

For those of us who have reached that monumental achievement, elderly enough to recieve our Social Security benefits we have all paid into, we are now offering a "Senior Citizen" discount.

Applicants must be able to provide legal documentation of receiving Social Security benefits. Applicants must be 67 years of age or older.

Please email us at: providing legal documentation of your age and SS qualifications.

  • You can simply scan your driver's license for proof of age.

  • You can simply scan your SS MEDICARE INSURANCE card for proof of SS benefits. (Please redact your SS # and Member #)