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Liver, Kidney & Parasite Protection!

Supplé-Pur™ Supplements by Origins Wild Diet®

Liver Pur™ and Uric Pur should always be added to a bird's diet who is placed on our feather destroyer's diet. Both of these should be fed during the first phase of the program known as "Dirty Birdie Detox."  Parasite Pur™ is also our recommendation during the 1st phase of the program, but optional. 

Our own supplemental formulations created to target specific issues your feathered friend may be experiencing. Or, to ward off certain health issues common to exotic birds.

We use only "bio-available" ingredients in all of our Supplé-Pur™ Supplements.

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By law, we are NOT required to provide the GA (guaranteed analysis) because we do not make any claims regarding "total and complete diet" or how any of our items can, or will improve the health of your bird(s). Those foods that do indicate the GA is only voluntary for the convenience of our customers.

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Liver-Pur™ $12.65 USD
Parasite-Pur™ $12.65 USD
Uric-Pur™ $12.65 USD