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CA-Montmorillonite Clay (Nutritional Bentonite)

*Because we purchase CA-Montmorillonite in bulk, your clay will arrive in a sealed, oxygen/water-protected kraft pouch. (Even though this clay is food grade, we do not advise visitors to purchase it for human consumption because our site is for animals, not humans.)

Field research has found that many parrots consume clay in the wild for its sodium content.  The research performed by the founders of BirD-elicious!™ Origins!™ has found that sodium is necessary to begin the "hydrolysis" process in which the digestive acids are drawn from the gut walls to mix with the proteases in the foods the bird consumes to begin breaking down the proteins for total absorption. Clay is not only helpful in breaking down proteins, but it is also absolutely necessary in the ionization of calcium as well. As proteins are broken down, the calcium is "unlocked," allowing it to pass through the gut walls and into the metabolic system for complete uptake and absorption.

We only recommend products we use with our own sanctuary birds. If products are found in our supplements” category, we have found they work! We use ONLY human-grade products; nothing less passes our standards for these magnificent creatures! Why human-grade products? Pet products are not required to pass FDA standards; therefore, pet products often contain sub-standard ingredients. By using human-grade ingredients in our own products and recommending only products that are made for human-grade consumption, we are sure we are recommending only the highest quality for your beloved companion bird!

We have chosen CA-Montmorillonite clay to not only add to our Origins!™ species-specific daily diets but also to supply our customers to add into their birds' fresh foods ensuring they are always receiving their proper minerals as well as inducing the hydrolysis process to break down dietary proteins and ionize calcium for total absorption.  CA-Montmorillonite clay has a very similar particle size to the Peruvian Rain Forest clay. This is absolutely essential in the digestion and absorption process; if the particle size is too large, the hydrolysis process does not activate properly.

We do not recommend bentonite clay that is not labeled "food grade." First, the particle size will not be as well-absorbed as food-grade clay, and second, it is not FDA-approved because it is pet food grade. 

Watch this informative video by the Tambopata Research Team regarding the importance of clay in a bird's diet: