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Crimson Rosella

Rosco almost literally flew into our “Providence” sanctuary when his former caregiver decided they could no longer care for him due to a chronic illness.

Rosco is a sweet little guy that awakens us each morning with chirpy little songs and whistles.

He prefers to be in a room away from the larger birds; he seems to pick and pluck his feathers more when he is near the larger birds.

Rosco is fed his very own food for the more seed-loving birds; a diet that consists of sprouted seeds, dehydrated diced fruits and veggie-like fruits along with mealworms and good mineral and calcium supplementation.

He has his up times and his down times in regards to feather destruction, but overall he is doing very well! When he first arrived he would pick down to his skin, baring his chest; he no longer mutilates that badly so progress is being made!  

9.8.2016 - Rosco has had several years to detox, and just like most feather destroying birds he has his good months and his bad. For a long time he would not allow his tail feathers to remain, but now it seems his tail is here to stay!

Our private sanctuary is NOT a sanctioned 501(c)3. In other words, we do not solicicit the public on a regular basis for charitible, tax-deductible donations.

Instead our sanctuary is funded solely by any profit our business generates from the sale of our food and toys from this website and our own personal funds, period. We do not "live" off the sales from our website; all monies earned support our sanctuary and progressive avian nutritional research.