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Franny's wound when she arrived January 2013

A close up of Franny's wound circa October 2014

Lesser Sulfur-Crested Cockatoo

Franny came to us in January of 2013. She arrived as a mutilator.

We believe that due to living in a smoker’s house and the fact she was fed a highly processed commercial bird food for most of her life, her system was toxic and caused her to develop a neurological disorder.

Furthermore we assessed that her system was too high in Omega 6’s and lacking in Omega 3’s. This set her up for systemic inflammation with lack of sufficient fatty acids in which to produce the proper neurotransmitters in her brain. In addition due to incorrect carbohydrates and probably hand-rearing instead of receiving her parent’s gut flora, she didn’t get off to the right start nutritionally.

We are hoping to eventually turn all of that around. We may not be able to change all of Franny’s systemic issues, but we feel we can make a big difference by detoxing her gut flora and thus getting her neurotransmitters to produce correctly. By placing her on our “Mutilation Syndrome Program™” Franny is well on her way to complete and total detox of her unhealthy gut flora and replenishing it with new, healthy gut flora. Then new neurotransmitters will begin to produce so her brain will be able to function properly.

You can see in the photos that she is already improving tremendously! This has all taken place in the span of about 1 ½ years!



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