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Poppee before he was placed on our "Mutilation Syndrome Program"

Poppee soon after he was placed on our "Mutilation Syndrome Program"

Gahlah (Rose-Breasted) Cockatoo

Poppee has arrived! ---- We hope to update everyone soon. Right now we are allowing Poppee to take his time settling in. ----

WE NEED YOUR HELP in getting Poppee here!

Poppee has “pseudo-seizures” and engages in feather destruction.

Currently Poppee lives with his caregiver on the West Coast with one other flock member, a Cockatiel.

His caregiver has recently been diagnosed with a very debilitating chronic illness that she has actually been battling all of her life without a proper diagnosis, and has continued to decline over the years. Finally her symptoms became so bad her medical team decided something needed to be done. Bedridden with extreme depression and total lack of energy and in extreme pain she was tested for Lupus only to find she has the worst kind, SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus). In combination to this horrific news she was laid off her job just weeks before she was evacuated from her home due to the horrible fires along the West Coast. To say this has been a “bad year” for this person is an understatement at best.

In light of all of this she has come to realization she can no longer care for a bird that has health issues of his own. Poppee has “pseudo-seizures” and also engages in feather destruction. But there’s hope! Since Poppee has been on our “Mutilation Syndrome Program™” his seizures have dramatically decreased and he is beginning to allow some feathers to grow back in!

It is for all of the reasons listed above that Poppee’s caregiver wishes for Poppee to live out the remainder of his life at Providence Sanctuary with a flock that understands his special needs in a warm and loving environment.



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