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KEP Bird Sanctuary

Welcome to KEP Sanctuary

Owning an exotic bird has risen in popularity in recent years, but unfortunately, there hasn’t been much increase in the knowledge of how to take care of them. Our birds came into our sanctuary because many first-time bird owners weren’t ready for just how time consuming and expensive proper care can be. They weren’t prepared for the destruction, screaming, feather pulling, or the mess of feathers, seeds and poop in and around the cage and house. We even had one bird come in who needed a wing amputated and another that lost a foot due to being caught in a toy. Other birds have came into the sanctuary due to an owner’s illness or death. We currently have 20 parrots that reside at our sanctuary, some of them well over 50 years of age. 

Without the proper diet and exercise as well as mental stimulation, behavioral issues and illnesses can set in. Our main goal is to get our birds healthy and happy. We provide a well-balanced diet by feeding Origins Wild Diet® along with the proper exercise and mental stimulation, mimicking what they would experience in nature. We consider it not only a responsibility but a privilege to care for these wonderful birds. They have enriched our life, become a part of our family, and have provided us with a playful source of life-long entertainment.

KEP Sanctuary also has acquired two cats, who take guarding my flock very seriously, and 5 small dogs, some long-term and some short-term. 

KEP Sanctuary has been going strong for over 25 years. With the help of Origins Wild Diet® we hope to continue on for many years to come. When you purchase your food by clicking on the button below, we earn a commission that is directly disbursed to helping our birds thrive. We are truly grateful for your support and wish you and your animal companions a lifetime of health and happiness.