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Herbs ‘n Birds™ Mission

Have you always wished you knew more about herbs, but especially how to use them with your flock?

Here’s an opportunity to get to know herbs up close and personal and how to use them in the holistic health of our feathered friends.

Holistic health concerns body, mind and soul. In other words we will learn how to use herbs in a manner that treats our birds’ whole-being.

Taking into account that we are dealing with small, delicate creatures whose systems rapidly absorb and metabolize every item they ingest, we will learn how to utilize herbs to our birds’ best advantage without overdosing their little systems.

We will explore both non-toxic and toxic herbs so that we have a fair, good and deep knowledge and understanding of the plethora of herbs available, their macro and micro nutrients as well as their more obscure constituents such as antioxidants, steroids, hormones, tannins, phenols and more.

Herbs can be a wonderful source of healing for our birds, but used incorrectly they can also be toxic to our birds’ systems. Let’s learn how to utilize herbs safely to enhance our birds’ lives!

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