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Help “Carl!” Please!

Below is a video of an African Grey one of our customers is sponsoring. Both the customer, the bird and the caregiver of the bird will not be identified. We want to support this endeavor without subjecting any of the aforementioned to criticism, skeptics or additional suggestions that may or may not be needed. If you wish to make a suggestion please do so in this thread. Both myself and the customer have access to this thread and we will take every suggestion into consideration.

This bird lives in the Middle East where both healthy food and adequate vet care is at the very best negligible. In other words, we have to try to heal this bird without X-rays, biopsies, and other vital tests that all of us in the U.S. have access to for our own beloved birds. Our customers are attempting to bring this bird to the United States where it can be cared for in the manner we all know to be the best for captive birds. Whether this can be done is very questionable, regardless of the cost involved.

Why are we posting this? George and I are asking that our OWD family all play a part in helping this bird. We ask that you send a monetary gift of any amount. Any monies received will go directly to the food and care this bird deserves. While the U.S. sponsor is paying for most of the food, George and I will be contributing as well. The fact of the matter is food and International shipping is very, very costly. We need your help!

Jordan will be placed on our feather destroyer’s diet known as “The Mutilation Syndrome Program.” Additional supplements will be supplied such as our herbal liver detox “Liver Pur.” We will also be sending pre-sprouted Milk Thistle Seeds and Schisandra Berry powder, both known for imparting detoxification and support of the liver and overall endocrine system. All of these items detox the entire system as well as supply the much needed and missed nutritional support feather destroyers and unhealthy birds require to continue living and to reduce or eliminate feather destruction engagement.

We will be sure to update all of you as this bird heals (hoping it’s not too late). As you can see he has respiratory issues we believe to either be aspergillosis or a tumor. Again, because vet services are very limited in the country where this bird currently resides, and the fact he is too ill to go under anesthesia, we can only work on building his entire system through food as medicine. As you can see he is also severely underweight.

Previous owners only fed this bird sunflower seed, not sprouted. (I call people who do not care for their birds correctly “owners” instead of caregivers. Why? Because when someone treats an animal like a commodity instead of a loving, living creature those people do not deserve to be called “caregiver,”-they are in fact “owners.”) Currently, this precious bird has a sponsor, a temporary caregiver and he needs you too!

George and I have two birds in our Providence Exotic Bird Sanctuary who were raised and fed a total sunflower seed or dry seed diet. Neither of those birds will return to optimum homeostasis, but they are at least living good lives and eating super healthy food. That is what we all hope for concerning this bird. He deserves better than he has received in the past.

So, it’s up to all of us to continue to support this bird on an ongoing basis. As much as George and I would love to help each and every bird, it simply is not financially possible without your help!

I have set up a page where you can give your non-tax-deductible gift one time, or set up for monthly gifts to be given each and every month for the life of this bird or until you tell us to stop billing you.

To protect the identity of the sponsor, the current caregiver (who is not the owners), and the bird I have set up the listing on our website under Jordan. Just look for the option in our virtual store title Jordan and you will know that is the option you choose to send Jordan your one-time or ongoing gifts.

If you want to send an ongoing gift to Jordan, be sure to choose that option and indicate in the box above “Add to Cart” how much per month you want to give. You will be sent a Paypal invoice each and every month on the 11th so you can give your gift to Jordan. Don’t worry, you don’t need a Paypal account to pay your gift amount. You will receive an invoice that allows you to pay using Paypal or a credit or debit card.

Click on This Link to Help Jordan!

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Your Gifts to Jordan (Carl) at Work!

Check out Jordan enjoying some Papaya! Papaya is a very healthy snack that is plucker friendly too! It contains digestive enzymes, healthy antioxidants and it is loaded with vitamin A and C. One of our goals with Jordan is weight gain. Currently, Jordan is still underweight and he has a small appetite. He can only eat as much as his body can handle. This is very common for birds that have been fed a poor diet. They become so deprived of necessary nutrition that it destroys their digestive tract and their ability to absorb nutrients. The best way to combat that damage is through proper nutrition, it’s our most powerful weapon!

Jordan Enjoying Papaya!

Jordan Update: 10.31.17:

View a current video of Jordan above. Notice he is still underweight and plucked. His skin is still pink. However, Jordan is still in deep detox which causes irritated skin, more itching, and more plucking.

Jordan is now entering his 6th month of the Origins Wild Diet Feathers Destroyers program. He started the Better Feather food two months ago and he is now in a steady deep detox. Jordan’s detox can last anywhere from several months to a couple years and so far, he has already made significant improvements. Jordan is battling 35 years of bad diet and he is fighting every day to rid his body of toxins and unhealthy gut flora.


Jordan’s improvements: Jordan’s mutilation has completely stopped. Previously he would mutilate his skin (chew on the raw skin until it bleeds) when he was outside of his cage. Jordan will pluck sometimes outside of his cage but there is no mutilation.

Jordan’s breathing has gradually continued to improve since starting BirD-elicious. His breathing today compared to 6 months is significantly better. Previously, his breathing was very labored. -Jordan has slowly but steadily gained weight while eating Birde-licious. When Jordan arrived at the rescue last December, he was extremely underweight and malnourished. He still has more weight to gain so the journey is far from over but it progresses!

Jordan’s true personality is starting to shine! He is gaining confidence every day and he is enjoying “normal” bird things. He is playing with toys and becoming more active. While this may not seem significant, these are things Jordan never did before. In fact, he was terrified of toys and perches at first because he didn’t get toys and new things at his previous home. When Jordan first arrived, he was lethargic and he only spoke in a humans voice because it’s all he ever knew. Jordan’s health and day to day life have improved significantly this past year and he’s finally adjusting to “life with the flock” under good care. Jordan even became friends with his African Grey flock-mate, Kaya. Again, this may not seem significant but Jordan was never around other birds before. In fact, he was very confused when he was first introduced to the flock because he associated with humans only. For several months Jordan would only keep to himself.

We will never be able to erase the pain Jordan has suffered in the past 35 years. Although Jordan may have some emotional scars from his past, there is no denying the survivor in him. He fought hard to get here and we will do everything we can to support him. The feather destroyers food plan has had a great impact on his health and behavior and we look forward to watching the progress continue and reporting it back to you (Jordan’s followers). We thank everyone for their love and support.

Jordan Singing:


Jordan’s Difficult Breathing:

Carl breathing

Isn’t “Jordan” just too, too much?! He definitely has a will to live! Help him live! Give to Jordan here. 

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