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Food Combining Mission

Our ongoing mission in this food combining workshop will be never-ending. As long as we all care for these magnificent creatures of flight we should make it our responsibility to learn how to properly feed and care for them. Within this workshop we will make it our top priority to learn how to correctly combine foods and the nutrients they contain to feed their delicate, yet hardy little bodies in the best possible manner we can, given the information we currently have at our disposal.

Knowing and understanding that their digestive tracts have been uniquely designed by Nature to rapidly digest, absorb and metabolize the foods they consume, we now understand we must carefully pick and choose the foods we offer to our beloved feathered friends. We must make every individual food count, every nutrient count and every constituent within those individual foods work together for the good of our birds.

For decades our birds have suffer lack of nutrition, but now we are seeing some of our birds suffer from over-supplementation of certain nutrients simply because we do not know and understand how to properly combine their nutrients for effective nutrition for their unique systems. It’s time we all join together to learn. Mistakes will be made as well all learn these simple, yet complex exotic systems, but together we can help one another learn forgive each other for errors along the way. Not one of us knows it all, but all of us can eagerly participate in the learning process.

Let’s now join together as we all progressively move forward in this challenging yet exciting journey of learning more and increasingly fascinating information about the Psittacine digestive tract and the diet it requires to THRIVE!

There will not be a certain order to my posts within this workshop. This is more like a self-guided tour. Browse through the posts I upload at your own pace. Take from this workshop what you desire for your own use. Ask questions by using the comment boxes below each post. I will answer as best as I can. Remember, I am learning along with you!

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