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Mealworms & More Meal Worms!

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As one of the staple foods in an exotic bird's diet, insects are a main stay of providing  "animal protein".

Meal worms supply a good source of B vitamins especially B12, as well as biotin for strong feathers, an excellent source of calcium and even more so of magnesium!

We include meal worms in our BirD-elicious! Origins Wild Diet!™ species-specific foods!

We also feed meal worms as a delicious treat to our birds to boost their protein supplementation as well as their magnesium levels. 

These contain about 47% crude protein, 25% crude fat, 6% crude fiber and 5% moisture on a dry weight basis.

Simply sprinkle them on top of your bird's food or mix in with any mash or puree for a yummy and nutritious treat!