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Our Story

Our company was conceived around the idea that exotic birds were meant to eat what Nature feeds them in the Wild. Our feeding philosophy really is just that simple.

So our Founder set out on a mission to research and study the most popular species of exotic birds that are kept as companion pets in homes across the globe. In her research she learned that most exotic birds consume primarily berries and fruits in the Wild with the intent of reaching the tender seeds within them. Of course on the way to the seed, the birds feast on the nutritious pectin that contains high levels of vitamins, minerals, essential carbohydrates, fatty acids, plant proteins with their very own proteases to break those proteins down into free form amino acids, polyphenols in the way of anthocyanins, as well as many volatile oils.

In addition to studying species-specific diets, our Founder focused specifically on feather-destruction in captive exotic birds. This has led to great progress in formulating diets that not only feed exotic birds really, really well, but also helps to heal birds from this destructive pattern and prevent this insidious syndrome from starting.

From start to finish we have researched the very foods captive exotic birds need to thrive not merely survive in homes across the globe. While we understand we cannot exactly duplicate what they would consume in the Wild, we can mimic those nutrients in similar foods that not only look like but also have similar textures and compositions as well as nutritional properties as the foods exotic birds might find in their natural, indigenous habitats. This is what our company has set out to do for these magnificent creatures that live out their lives in our homes.

Our Theory

IIt's simple. Do not remove the kind of foods they would naturally consume simply because they live indoors. Instead, feed them what Nature has intrinsically designed their bodies to thrive on and also make sure that they receive the amount of exercise their bodies were designed to receive each and every day. Any other manner of living is less than what they deserve.