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Before You Place Your Order

COVID-19 PRODUCTION & SHIPPING: Expect delays of as much or more of 3-5 weeks before your order ships.

During the months of March, April & December 2020 we are gifting 1# of free Basic Bird to each order of 3# of food, or more purchased!

We are doing our very best to keep up with production during this pandemic.

We are taking every precaution to protect your flock's food and get it produced in a safe & timely manner.

However, if our supply veins arehalted by the government there is little we can do.

If the government stops all shipments, there is nothing we can do.

All of us must exercise compassion and patience during this time.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Placing fraudulent orders, filing disputes with your financial institution without trying to work issues out with our company, bullying, flaming, degrading, spreading rumors, false-negative reviews regarding our products, any of our colleagues, associates, members of our social media groups, associated rescues and sanctuaries will result in refusal of service.

If any customer submits a chargeback to their credit card/financial institution they will automatically be banned from our website.   (We prefer you attempt communication with us before you submit a chargeback.)

Remember, we issue no refunds or exchanges due to the strict health standards we practice in our facility

(protecting the health of all birds we serve) and the handmade, semi-custom nature of our foods.

If we make a refund due to customer cancellation we charge a 20% restocking charge

due to the fact our foods are handmade,

expensive human-grade ingredients purchased right before your bird's food is made to ensure freshness.

If your order is cancelled after you place it you have been banned from our site due to the above policy.

Please read our Terms, Policy and Shipping pages, understanding that ingredients are purchased for your bird's foods and your bird's food is literally handmade AFTER we receive your payment. You understand that all shipping times are estimated and may take longer than expected for shipment of your order. In addition, we try not to ship partial orders. We try to ship all items at one time to save on shipping costs. (We pay most of the shipping on most orders). Therefore, you understand that your order may not ship until we have all items on your order in stock. IF we do backorder an item it will ship (with no additional shipping charges) as soon as it is in stock.

Our website has multiple "policy, terms, about & shipping" pages - be sure to read all of them before you place your order.

When you place an order for your bird's food on our web site you are "commissioning" us to custom hand-produce your bird's food. That means that once you pay for your order your money cannot be refunded for any reason. We use your money to buy the ingredients to make your bird's food. Nor do we allow returns or exchanges of any food or product to ensure the health of all birds we serve.

In addition understand that because your bird's food is custom, hand-produced you are not buying factory, processed food. That means we take time and care in producing your bird's food and that takes time. From the time you place your order until your bird's food ships; from processing your order, to ordering the ingredients, to prepping the ingredients, to producing the food, to packing the finished product to shipping to you.

But! In most cases this means when you receive your bird's food it is only 3 to 7 days old! (When shipping to any one of the 48 contiguous U.S. States) Our food doesn't sit in some warehouse for months and months and then sit on some store shelf for additional months before you buy it. Our food is by far the freshest food on the market!

IMPORTANT: You understand that your payment cannot be refunded and goods cannot be returned for any reason once you have made payment. This policy is in place to protect the health of all companion birds, including yours. (*IF we should ever make a refund for extenuating circumstances a 20% restocking charge will apply since you are custom-commissioning us to make your bird's handmade food.) You also understand because our foods are handmade that your bird's food, during normal conditions, may require as long or longer than 2-3 weeks to ship to you, but in many cases ships within 2-7 days of the receipt of your payment. Orders placed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday may not ship until the following Monday or Tuesday.

*By purchasing and/or placing your bird(s) on our feather destroyer's program you grant us Buyer's Indemnification and give us the right to use your testimonies and photographs of your bird(s) before, during and after purchasing any of our foods, toys and other items.

We first began researching species-specific exotic avian diets in 2001. For two years we studied and worked on formulating and testing our diets through an Internationally renowned food-testing laboratory before we made them available to the public.

We first opened our business in late 2003. Our species-specific foods were revolutionary, taking the avian community by surprise!

Soon the major commercial bird food companies jumped on board and began introducing their version of species-specific bird foods as well changing only the size of the pellets merely calling their foods species-specific based on the size of the kibble, not because the ingredients and the nutritional properties were balanced differently. History has proven that many brands of commercial bird foods have added some of the ingredients we use in our foods, but not the same quality of thos ingredients such and the "human grade" quality that we use.

Fast forward, our company simply grew too large too fast for us as a small company to keep up. We never intended to become a large, commercial company, we always wanted to remain a small "mom and pop" company serving our customers personally and intimately.

We always guaranteed our avian friends that we would communicate with them on a close basis keeping in contact through social media via email, blogs, and even telephone when necessary. Our desire is to keep all of our fans updated on any and all improvements we make to our foods because, well, we do plan on constantly improving our foods as new, credible research becomes available. You see, we believe that exotic avian nutrition is ever-evolving as a new frontier in wild, exotic creatures and all of us that are blessed to have these creatures in our midst are obligated to keep ourselves informed regarding the best in husbandry methods for their supreme benefit. In otherwards, when any husbandry methods become outdated, quite simply it's time to abandon them and take hold of the new and move forward for the sake of preserving the species. This is the philosophy we live by at Passion Tree House.

As the result of our company growing too large too fast we were forced to temporarily close and catch our breath. We had to think long and hard about how we were going to get back into the arena and manage our company once we began producing our foods again...and while we were out of production our customers continued to contact us asking us to get back into production!

In the meantime we continued to research and reformulate our foods based on the research we were gathering and digesting.

The result? Better formulations are beginning to roll out. But we are taking all of this very slow and methodical ensuring we don't burn out this time around so that we can continue to remain in business as a small and efficient company producing fresh quality exotic foods straight from our facilty to your bird's pantry. Our food doesn't sit in some warehouse for months and months, and then on some store shelf for months and months longer before your bird finally eats it. No, our food ships within a couple weeks if not days after it is produced with a shelf life of 6 months in an unopened vacuum-packed, oxygen-safe, light-safe, FDA approved Ziplock, stand-up resealable, environment-friendly pouch.

Again, this is the rub, we only produce in 20-40-pound batches at a time. So if you want your bird's food you need to order when you see we have it in stock! YOU ARE COMMISSIONING US TO MAKE YOUR BIRD'S FOOD WHEN YOU PLACE YOUR CUSTOM ORDER! This means that once you place your order your payment is non-refundable because we use your money to buy the ingredients. We only purchase enough ingredients for the amount of orders placed, period. We do this to ensure the most fresh ingredients possible.

After we receive the ingredients we begin making the food for an individual batch. Then we have to dehydrate the food. Then after dehydration we have to complete the food processing. This takes another week to 10 days. Then we have to package the food in individual packages. Then we have to ship. All of this takes about 6-8 weeks. We have managed to cut this time period down to about 3-4 weeks, but this is not guaranteed. It takes a lot of planning on our part to ensure we have enough food in stock to meet all of our customer's needs at any given moment, but we do our best to have the variety of food in stock when you place your order. This is also why sometimes your order will ship in less than 24 hours, but sometimes it will not ship for up to 10 days or more.

This is why we encourage our customers to order enough food to last for 6-8 weeks, then place another order as soon as we offer the next batch order so you always have an order in the process while you bird is consuming a current batch. We estimate that each individual bird weighing 350-450 grams will consume about one pound of food every 3-4 weeks.

We hope you will choose our food for your beloved exotic bird! However if this method of ordering does not suit you, please do not begin purchasing from us. But, if that is your decision your bird will be missing out on the finest food on the market. We truly hope you will allow your bird to try our food giving your bird the opportunity to optimally thrive on what Nature intends for the healthy, long lives of exotic companion birds!

We have seen bird after bird begin and continue to thrive from consuming our food! We hope your bird will be one more to benefit from BirD-elicious! Origins Wild Diet®


We do not offer samples because as we all know parrots need time to adjust to new foods. For this reason we do not feel it is fair to present a small sample-sized portion of our food to your parrot and expect it to immediately make a decision whether it will "like" our food. Please "go out on a limb" and purchase at least 2-3 months worth of food for your bird and allow your bird time to make a full transition to our food. (2-3 pounds)

Our foods are nothing like any other food on the market! Once you open the package you will immediately notice the difference in our foods! The look of our food is colorful! The smell of our food is fresh and spicy! The feel of our food has both that snappy "beak appeal" yet semi-moist so that it does not scrape the digestive tract as it passes through; the moistness helps reduce "water bowl-dunking".

Our food is designed to encourage the "foraging experience" so that a bird eats each morsel "from the inside out" just like a piece of fruit, berry or nut!

We promise, your bird has not ever experienced a food like BirD-elicious! Origins Wild Diet!


If you place your order on the weekend, or on any U.S. recognized holiday or bank holiday your order may be delayed. Our online payment processors advise us to delay shipping until each customer's payment clears the bank which may be delayed for weekend and holiday purchases. Thank you!


If you choose "Bulk" shipping options your order may require up to 6-10 weeks before shipping. (*Depending on the number of orders we have pending, bulk orders may ship sooner or a little later than stated here.) (*Bulk orders of 5# or more include a payment processing fee.)

Out of Stock: If any options are not available this means: *Currently, due to the high demand of our foods, that variety of our Origins Wild Diet (OWD) foods are not available.

Backordered Items: If, when we ship your order any items are not in stock, all back-ordered items will be shipped once they are back in stock. We pay the additional shipping charges; you are not charged for backorder shipping.

*All sales are final due to the custom, artisan handmade nature of our products. We do not refund or exchange for any reason.

† Statements have not been evaluated by FDA. No claims are made regarding "complete" nutrition. Our information is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any general or specific health issue. Overall health and nutrition of your pet is the sole responsibility of the caregiver.


The first $50 of your order is covered by USPS Priority. If you desire additional insurance on your order, please select one of the options provided. You can choose more than one option to cover the total cost of your order.

Example: If your order equals $750.00, you can choose both the $300 and $400 options and add them to your cart. With the first $50 automatically covered, by adding the $300 and $400 options, your order will be covered for $750.00.

If you elect not to purchase shipping insurance, The Best Bird Food can not be held responsible for any damages incurred during shipping.