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Formulation Updates

Our company was conceived from the idea that exotic birds were meant to eat what Nature feeds them in the Wild. Our feeding philosophy really is just that simple.

Based on new research information, and as originally promised, we will be continuing to update our formulations to reflect a closer-to-nature nutritional profile for your bird!

All of our Bird-elicious! Origins Wild Diet® foods are now made with our Supercharged Sprouts™. This is our very own proprietary method of sprouting our seeds, legumes and grains that increase the trace minerals, amino acids and certain vitamins all by using naturally occurring, earth derived sources of these elements! No synthetics, no chemicals, no GMOs, no manures and nothing artificial are used in our proprietary process.

Understanding more and more all the time the essential nutritional requirements of these magnificient wild-at-heart creatures, we are striving to produce foods that resonate with their high metabolism. Yet we want to makeabsolutely sure the foods we use to meet that high metabolism doesn't interfere with their very sensitive endocrine system knowing that exotic birds do not produce "amylase" in their mouths like humans do. Amylase is the digestive enzyme required to break down starches. Parrots do not produce amylase until later in their digestive tract near their pancreas. Feeding high starch foods or high fructose foods knowing that parrots do not produce amylase in their mouths places undue strain on their endocrine system potentially leading to insulin resistance, pancreatitis and or avian diabetes...maybe even Cushing's Disease. We are bound to address this in our new formulations!

In addition we will be addressing protein sources we believe is long overdue in parrot foods. For far too long companion birds have been fed plant proteins in the form of grains and legumes, both containing starches and high Omega 6s contributing to the above-mentioned endocrine disorders and the Omega 6s lending to auto-immune and overall systemic inflammation of joints, soft tissues as well as cardiovascular disease. It's way past time to offer protein sources that mimic what exotic birds would most likely consume in their indigenous habitats!

Yes, we do believe that captive, companion exotic birds deserve to consume very similar diets they would eat as if they were living in thier wild, indigenous habitats.

Our theory is simple, do not remove the kind of foods they would naturally consume simply because they live indoors; their systems still require the very same kind of nutrition. This is the kind of nutrition Nature has designed their bodies to thrive on.

Instead, continue to feed their bodies what Nature has intrinsically designed their bodies to thrive on and make sure that your flighted companion receives the amount of exercise its body is designed to receive each and every day. This is the way Nature has designed this beautiful and magnificent creature, any other manner of living is less that what it deserves.