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To guide and empower individuals to make positive choices in their own lives.


 Integrity – is upheld and expected amongst our staff and resident population
 Accountability – Owning our actions
 Education – Introducing knowledge, and putting it into action.
 Responsibility – Not only for ourselves, but of others
 Work ethic – Teaching and maintaining vocational skills


Successful Drug Rehab

"Teaching people to live beyond their addictions."


Habilitat, Inc. est. 1971

Habilitat Founders
For almost 50 years, Habilitat has been motivating the unmotivated. It has long been recognized as one of the nation’s foremost long term addiction treatment programs. With meager resources, Vinny Marino founded Habilitat on January 27, 1971, starting with only eight people housed in a small home in Kailua, Hawai`i. Vinny was determined to pursue his uncompromising commitment to address the growing epidemic of individuals with substance abuse problems and other anti-social behaviors.


Over its long history, residents have included those from the local community as well as individuals from across the country and abroad. An integral component contributing to Habilitat’s success is its vocational training programs, with such diverse options as food services, masonry, landscaping, carpentry, telemarketing, administration and information technology. These on-the-job situations offer residents opportunities to cultivate and refine the principles that Habilitat emphasizes: self-respect, accountability, concern for others, constructive criticism, self-discipline, lifelong learning, and strong work ethic.