When we established our Providence Exotic Avian Sanctuary, we realized early on that there are no truly healthy manufactured foods to feed exotic birds in captivity. So, we set out to change that with our exclusive Bird-elicious Origins Wild Diet™ foods, tailored specifically to your bird’s needs.


Back to the Rainforest!

Finally an avian nutrition book for beginner, intermediate and advanced exotic bird fanciers! We all have something to learn and this book provides new, revolutionary information for all of us, taking us and our companion birds "back to the Rainforest" where they originated! Once we remember where they came from and relearn what kinds of indigenous foods their ancestors ate to thrive, then and only then can we help our beloved feathered companions begin to return to a healthy homeostasis! Begin a whole new journey of understanding the digestive tract of "Aves" and more specifically "Psittacines" who are in a classification and subclassificantion of their very own, separate from mammals and even separate from their cousins Galliformes otherwise known as poultry.