We Decided to do Something about the Shipping Rate Increase! USPS has increased, and continues to increase shipping rates on all methods of shipping. Unfortunately these rates affect us in getting our raw supplies to us and shipping your orders to you. Now when you buy from us you will see LOW, LOW FLAT RATE shipping on all orders large and small.*

*Applies to Domestic Shipping Only 



Due to the high demand of our foods "wait time" is apprx. 3-10 days after purcahse, but may require up to 4-10 weeks on any amount ordered, again due to the high demand of our foods and the size of order placed: 16oz Single pkgs, Auto Ship, and Bulk orders.

If you order items other than our Origins Wild Diet foods within the same order those items will ship at the SAME time as your Origins Wild Diet food. Please take note of this when placing your order.

If you order multiple varieties of Origins Wild Diet your ship date will be the latest ship date listed for any particular food.

NO returns or exchanges for any reason; you are custom-commissioning us to produce your bird's food. Additionally we do not accept returns or exchanges due to the high standards of our facility.



If you live outside the continental United States you will be contacted separately regarding your shipping chages. Your shipping is not free.

In addition to International Priority Shipping you will be expected to pay your country's duty/customs taxes.

We cannot guarantee your country will allow our products into the country. There is NO guarantee your country will allow our products to cross the border.

Many countries irradiate foods as they cross the border; this will harm you bird's food. Be sure to check with your customs office before ordering to ensure our products will be allowed to cross the border and that your package is not irradiated.

We accept no liability for packages shipped to International regions. No returns or refunds for any reason.



Some items on our website are heavier or larger than our shipping calculator can calculate weight for — Our Hang-Out Play Gym, our Rain Forest Foragers, ect. Due to this we are required to calculate shipping AFTER you place your order using your unique zip code. We will be in touch with you regarding additional shipping costs if there are any. Thank you for understanding.



The first $50 of your order is covered by USPS Priority. If you desire additional insurance on your order, please select one of the options provided. You can choose more than one option to cover the total cost of your order.

Example: If your order equals $750.00, you can choose both the $300 and $400 options and add them to your cart. With the first $50 automatically covered, by adding the $300 and $400 options, your order will be covered for $750.00.

If you elect not to purchase shipping insurance, The Best Bird Food can not be held responsible for any damages incurred during shipping.


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