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What are "Supercharged Sprouts?"


Beginning July 2016 all sprouts included in any of our formulated Origins Wild Diet™ foods or any of our treats, snacks and side dishes that contain sprouts or any single package of individual pre-sprouted sprouts you may purchase from us will be produced using our new Supercharged Sprouts™

This is our very own proprietary method of sprouting our seeds, legumes and grains that increase the trace minerals, amino acids and certain vitamins all by using naturally occurring, earth derived sources of these elements! No synthetics, no chemicals, no GMOs, no manures nothing artificial are used in our proprietary process.

Any seed, legume and grain you sprout for your bird is only as nutritious as the plant it comes from. Our soils today are deplete of natural trace elements due to all of the mono-culture that has taken place. Much of the soil today has been treated with chemical fertilizers and pesticides and are only now beginning to be transitioned back to truly “organic” soils that have long been tainted with agro-chemicals. In order to ensure the sprouts you feed to your birds offer the best in nutrition we here at Origins have decided to implement a completely natural method to “super charge” the seeds we sprout for your bird’s food!

You can feel secure in knowing that Origins is always at the forefront of avian nutrition providing the very best for your exotic feathered friend’s overall nutrition!

“Avian nutrition has finally evolved back to its origins!™”


BirD-elicious! ~
Although our foods are not certified organic, we begin with mostly certified wholesome, pure† ingredients.