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Dog Food - Wild Canine Origins Wild Diet - Freeze Dried Daily Diet - Balanced Whole-Food Nutrition!

It's here! The BEST doggone

freeze-dried dog food around!

More and more dog lovers are switching to grass-fed/finished freeze-dried dog food! Why? FD dog food is basically "raw" by definition. This is close to what a dog would eat in the wild!

Our pooch LOVES this food!

Ingredients:  Grass-raised, grass-finished, no GMOs, no antibiotics, no mRNA, no artificial preservatives - Beef muscle meat, Bison, Venison, Chicken or Turkey, organic free-range Eggs, Beef heart, Beef kidney, Beef liver, Chicken liver, Chicken hearts, organic Yams (Vita A & aids in digestion), organic Carrots (Vita A & aids in digestion), organic Pumpkin (aids in digestion, normalizes bowel movements), organic Broccoli (fiber/minerals), organic Goat Milk, TBBF Wild Omegas (omega 3, DPA, DHA), organic Flax seed oil, organic Pumpkin oil (to fight parasites), Salmon oil, organic Milk Thistle powder, organic Corella, organic Ginger (aids in digestion), organic Spirulina, organic Alfalfa (good source of natural vitamin D3, organic Barley grass, organic Wheatgrass, organic Basil powder, Kelp, Green Mussel powder, organic Papaya powder, organic Kale powder, organic Blueberry powder, organic Raspberry powder, organic Shitake Mushroom powder, organic brewer's yeast powder (aids in digestion & more), Activated Charcoal (to clear any toxins from system), MSM (for joint health), Glucosamine & Chondroitin (for joint health), Hyaluronic Acid (collagen production & joint health), CA-Montmorillonite Clay, liquid trace minerals, Silica (mineral - collagen production), soil-based probiotics.

Sold by the pound and 1/2 pound this freeze-dried organic, grass-fed dog food will rehydrate to approx. 3X the amount you purchase! AT $8.99 to $16.66 per pound (once rehydrated) this is a great value to ensure the good health of your canine friend! All organic, grass-fed, and finished and more! You cannot find a healthier dog food on the market!

Suggested feeding amount: 1/4 to 3/8 dry cup per 12 pounds of body weight. This food is easy to rehydrate if your dog prefers moist food! Directions: Serve dry. Or, add a little less than 1/2 the amount of filtered, tepid/slightly warm water (or meat stock) to the amount of mix you feed. Stir and allow to sit for 5-10 minutes before serving. DO NOT COOK. Serve! Voila!

*This food has not yet been analyzed for GA (guaranteed analysis) nutrient amounts. We estimate the protein to range from 20% to 23%.