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Fruitee Trail Mix - Beakery™

8 reviews

Such a scrump-delicious fruit-ee trail mix balanced with protein to serve as a healthy treat to your feathered friend! 

This mix is chocked full of fruits that offer high anti-oxidant properties too. 

And now that we all know how important the proper amount of sodium is in our birds' diets, we have added pine nuts which provide a good, reliable naturally occurring sodium source!

Ingredients: Organic red bell pepper flakes (a very good source of naturally occurring Vitamin C and beta-carotene the precursor to Vitamin A), organic coconut flakes (a very good anti-fungal providing medium-chain dietary fat), organic mulberries (a good source of naturally occurring Vitamin E and K), organic cranberries (a good source of naturally occurring iodine for thyroid and adrenal health), organic dark tart cherries (helps reduce build up of uric acid that contributes to arthritis and gout), organic Chinese star anise pods (Illicium verum), organic "awakened" almonds (providing plant protein, calcium and Vitamin E), organic papaya (naturally occurring digestive enzyme source, plus a very good source of beta-carotene [precursor to Vitamin A], organic blueberries (great anti-oxidant properties) and organic pine nuts.