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Good Morning Sunshine! Energy Makers - Really RAW for Birds® Mixes Soak & Serv™ Freeze-Dried Meals

Forever Fresh!

We DO NOT use added fruit juice in any of our freeze-dried items or mixes! Fruit juice ads sugar that is not needed and may add to a nutritional imbalance of nutrients.

HELP EXPAND OUR PROVIDENCE EXOTIC BIRD SANCTUARY by giving a non-deductible gift of $25.00, or more to P.E.B.S. and automatically get 1 breakfast cereal! Then once you add a $25.00 gift for PEBS your cart will automatically mark the cereal free! You must add one of the Beak-elicious! Breakfast Cereals to your cart. (Your free gift will be counted as a "discount coupon code" - only one code allowed per order.)

Click the dropdown menu to add a gift for PEBS Sanctuary to your order!

Many of our customers have asked that we accept their beloved exotic bird at some point in the future as a permanent resident in PEBS. These customers know that their feathered friend will be taken care of properly and fed really, really well in our sanctuary. Our customers also know that we will not "flip" or sale their bird for profit. We do not adopt out. 

Currently we are mentoring two people that are much younger than ourselves to manage and operate the business end, and care for the parrots of PEBS in the future when we can no longer do so ourselves. 

Please help us expand our permanent-resident sanctuary!

You may need our services down the line...

George, Machelle & The Providence Exotic Bird Sanctuary Flock THANK YOU! 

*Gifts are NOT tax-deductible at this point in time. (This is because we use the sale of our products to operate our sanctuary, but we need additional funds to expand)


Freeze-Dried Early-Day Energy Makers - Each mix doubles to triples when moistened.

Specially formulated to wake up and energize your feathered friend!

All of these are freeze-dried mixes.

  • Mango Madness™: (Cereal - serve dry or moistened)(Current batch Use by 02.16.2021 IVC RRAWFDMANMDNS0013)
    • Quinoa (organic, sprouted), Mango (organic), Ceylon Cinnamon (organic), Ginger (organic). Guaranteed Analysis: Crude protein (min.) 10.52%, crude fat (min.) 6.69%, crude fiber (max.) 3.5%, moisture (max.) 7.2%
    • Buckwheat Blues™: (Cereal - serve dry or moistened)(Current batch Use by 02.16.21 IVC RRGMSBB0002)
      • Buckwheat (organic, sprouted), Blueberries (organic), Cashews (organic, soaked & dried), Anise (organic).
    • Buckwheat Burst™: (Cereal - serve dry or moistened)(Current batch Use by 02.16.2021 IVC RRAWBKWHTBUR0015)
      • Buckwheat (organic, sprouted), Pineapple (organic), Coconut Flakes (organic), Ginger (organic), Calendula Flowers (organic), Turmeric (organic). Guaranteed Analysis: Crude protein (min.) 11.59%, crude fat (min.) 6.89%, crude fiber (max.) 9.5%, moisture (max.) 5.9%
    • Raspy Coconut™: (Cereal - serve dry or moistened) (Current batch Use by 02.18.21 IVC RRGMSRC0003)
      • Quinoa (organic, sprouted), Raspberries (organic), Coconut (organic), Walnuts (organic), Ceylon Cinnamon (organic).
    • Protein Packer™:
      • Quinoa (organic, sprouted), Pumpkin Seed (organic, soaked), Peas (organic, sprouted), Almonds (organic, raw, awakened), blueberries (organic).

      Mixes formulated for the time of day! 

      • Breakfast "Early-Day Energy Makers" to provide the protein and carbs needed for high-metabolisms! 
      • Lunch "Picker-Uppers" for added energy to get your bird all the way to dinner!
      • Dinner "Evening Calmer-Downers" are foods that help calm and soothe for a good night's rest!
      • Microgreen Mix - Good anytime and served with anything!
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        Susan R.
        United States United States
        I recommend this product
        My birds love them.

        I love being able to diversify my bird’s diet with healthy items! Thank you Machelle!

        The Best Bird Food Origins Wild Diet®

        Thank YOU, Susan! We value your contribution to our PEBS sanctuary. Such a long-time, valued customer you are! So much gratitude for you and your lovely flock!

        Sherrill M.
        United States United States

        I wanted the birds to love this but they didn't. I believe it is good product, but the linnies weren't interested. I know if I still had a parrotlet or cockatiel they would love it.

        A The Best Bird Food Origins Wild Diet® Customer
        Vicki M.
        United States United States
        I feel good about feeding all your products.

        My little GCC loves this.

        Carla F.
        United States United States
        Good stuff

        My eclectus's weekend morning brunch meal.

        Kelly B.
        United States United States
        I really thought they would like it, but that was not the case!

        It’s easy to prepare and it smells great! Just wish the birds liked it!