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Nutritional Consultation

Avian Nutritional Consultation:

If you would like a nutritional consultation regarding your bird's overall health and/or current lab reports select "Nutritional Consult" from the drop down menu. The initial fee for a consultation is $125.00 and must be paid in advance. If additional information beyond what I supply in the intitial consultation requires adressing I charge $10.00 per question, paid in advance. ALL consultations are performed via email only. This ensures that both you and I have a record of the consultation.

Please remember, I am not a licensed veterinarian; I do not give medical advice, only nutritional suggestions based on lab reports. Current labs are required before I will accept a consultation.

Consultations will be performed via email according to Machelle's current work load. I will do my best to address your consultation questions within two weeks of receipt of payment.

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