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Nutritional Consultation

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We apologize, there are no consultations available due to the overwhelming number of food orders we are currently receiving.

Avian Nutritional Consultation:

If you would like a nutritional consultation regarding your bird's overall health select "Nutritional Consult" from the drop-down menu. The initial fee for a full avian nutritional consultation is $350.00 and must be paid in advance. If additional information beyond what I supply in the initial consultation requires addressing I charge $15.00 per email and address up to 3 brief questions, paid in advance. ALL consultations are performed via email only. This ensures that both you and I have a record of the consultation.

Please remember, I am not a licensed veterinarian; I do not give medical advice, only nutritional suggestions based on lab reports. Current labs are required before I will accept a consultation.


1. Evaluation of lab reports: $150.00 per bird

2. Nutritional suggestions based on labs: $150.00

Nutritional suggestions will only be given once the evaluation of labs is performed.

If purchasing #2 you must first purchase #1.

3. Single or Follow up nutritional emails: $15.00 each for each question asked by the client and answered by Machelle

4. Evaluation of Xrays: $75.00 per bird up to 4 views

Be advised: Machelle is not a licensed veterinarian, certified nutritionist, or any other medical professional. Nutritionists are not required to be licensed in the state in which Machelle practices. Furthermore, there is no actual parrot nutrition certification as it is still a new and relatively unknown field of study. Machelle is a published avian nutrition author who is self-taught and has been researching, clinically testing, formulating, developing, 3rd-party laboratory testing, producing, and distributing species-specific exotic bird foods since 2001. Any information Machelle suggests is considered “sharing” and not advice given as a prescription to be followed as a medical procedure. Should you decide to follow and/or use Machelle’s suggestions you agree to hold Machelle, her company, and any and all entities and representatives associated with her and her companies harmless of all legal suits including emotional, mental, physical, financial, material, and otherwise regarding you and/or your family and/or your pet(s).
All consultations must be paid in advance. You may send payment via and use the email address as the addressee for payment. Please include on the note which service you are paying for (1.,2.,3. or 4.) Thank you.

All consultations are performed via email according to Machelle's current workload. I will do my best to address your consultation questions within two weeks of receipt of labs and payment.