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Organic individual nut varieties.

Our almonds are raw, guaranteed!

Any other nut variety is virtually impossible to find raw, even if the package label states it is raw.

For added nutrition soak almonds overnight and then rinse very well.

This is known as "awakening your almonds" for better nutrition.

We offer "Awakened Almonds" so you don't have to do the work!

Doing this destroys the phytates that block calcium absorption.

FEATHER DESTROYERS: The safest nut for feather destroyers is cashews. Why? They do not contain a high level of histamines like other nuts. They contain more starch, that converts to sugar so don't overfeed cashews. But they do contain plant-based omegas that are very healthy for feather destroyers. Myth: Coconut is good for feather destroyers. This is absolutely false. Coconut contains very high amounts of naturally occurring salicylates and histamines which trigger plucking in feather destroyers.

FDA allows producers to label nuts "raw" when they are "flash-pasteurized" using any temperature from 145 to 280 degrees F. Unfortunately this destroys the digestive enzymes so soaking does absolutely no good. Enzymes are destroyed at any temperature above 105-115 degrees F. Our raw nuts are NOT flash-pasteurized!