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Vitality Science Pet Flora 5 grams - The SAME Probiotic Used in Origins Wild Diet!

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POWDER - not capsules.

Pet Flora is a Soil-Based Organism. Soil-Based means that the natural probiotic organisms of the soil are the ingredients in Pet Flora. In the soil, these microorganisms hold down yeast and fungi, reduce acidity, and improve the assimilation of nutrients to plants. Amazingly, they do exactly the same in higher animals. Pet Flora holds down yeasts, fungi, and pathogenic microorganisms while improving nutrient assimilation.


Pet Flora contains a spectrum of 29 microflora, that fall into the following eleven categories:

  • Acinetobacter
  • Arthrobacter
  • Azospirillum
  • Azotobacter Bacillus
  • Bacteroides
  • Brevibacterium
  • Kurtha
  • Myrothecium P
  • Chrysosporium
  • Pseudomonas
  • Streptomyces

The proliferation of these microflorae into their 29 plus sub-species variations is promoted by the prebiotic complexes, and the humic and fulvic acids extracted from ancient plant deposits. All twelve seed species are Class One Microbiological agents.

Active Ingredients: A proprietary blend of [Fulvic and humic acids, A. agilis, A. citreus, A. globiformis, A. luteus, A. simplex, A. calcoaceticus, A. chroococcum, A. paspali, A. brasiliense, A. lipoferum, B. brevis, B. marcerans, B. pumilis, B. polymyxa, B. subtilis, Bact. lipolyticum, B. stations, K. zopfil, M. verrucaria, P. calcis, P. dentrificans, P. fluorescens, P. glathei, P. chrysosporium, S. fradiae, S. celluslosae, S. griseoflavus.


Directions for Use: Administer orally or place atop moist food you are sure your bird will consume. Birds: Machelle suggests starting with  1/128th  teaspoon and increasing after four weeks to1/64th teaspoon. You will use the measuring scoop sent with your order. The scoop is a 1/32nd tsp. You will use approximately 1/4 scoop for 1/128th tsp and 1/2 scoop for 1/64th tsp.

Dogs & Cats: 4 weighed grams per 10 pounds of body weight once a day mixed in with food.

Dogs, cats, and birds like the taste because it tastes like dirt, and dirt is one of their favorite tastes… Really!