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Chamomile: The Flowers in BirD-elicious! Origins Wild Diet!™

By now if you have purchased our foods for your flock you have come to know and expect pure quality. You know why our foods demand the prices they do; we begin with human-grade, organic ingredients, only of the highest quality and we make sure to buy only the best of those ingredients, not the bottom of the barrel of human-grade ingredients.

When it comes to the flowers we buy for our foods quality doesn’t take a back seat.

Recently we decided to add Chamomile flowers among the list of flowers in our foods. In researching we decided to use only the very best Chamomile flowers; flowers grown in Croatia. Why Croatia? As it turns out Chamomile grown in Croatia contain the highest amount of essential oils, the reason birds consume flowers to begin with. Instead of introducing essential oils as pure oils I happen to believe that adding essential oils via their natural carrier, some sort of food such as flowers like birds would naturally consume in the wild makes consuming essential oils safer for our companion birds. The “fiber” in foods, in this case flower pectin and hemicellulose slows the essential oils down so they don’t rush into the metabolic system too fast, but at a slow, even pace. Having a high essential oil content like Croatian Chamomile does along with strong, healthy fiber due to how these flowers are grown in the rich Croatian soil our birds receive the benefit of both the essential oils and the cushioning pectin and hemicellulose fibers that both deliver nutrients and gently flush toxins as they pass through ours birds’ digestive tracts at a slower pace than cellulose found in botanical vegetables.

One of the main essential oils in Croatian Chamomile is “chamazulene” a known anti-inflammatory. The “azulene” in chamazulene helps to soothe and calm skin irritations while it also fights bacteria. Truly, exotic birds of the wild are no dummies when it comes to instinctively and intuitively knowing what’s good for them and how to heal themselves both in the wild and in our homes if they have these natural foods available to them! –However, a word of caution, for birds suffering from “avian leaky gut” due to years of incorrect diets, plant-based foods such as Chamomile, high in quercetin can actually trigger feather destruction after consuming this flower for a long period of time. Be sure to watch for new feather destruction or increased feather destruction if you offer this to your feather-destroying bird.

Of course the higher the grade of ingredients one uses for their foods the higher the cost of the end product, but we believe our beloved exotic companion birds are worth all of the expense and hard work that goes in to producing the fine, artisinal Origins Wild Diet!™ foods we custom produce for our Providence Exotic Bird Sanctuary flock and your privately cared for companion feathered friends as well! Don’t you?

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